Friday, September 2, 2011

The Band Perry~ Michelle Pell

The Band Perry, a country music group, is composed of three siblings; Kimberley, Reid, and Neil. The three children started singing in Alabama, but now claim Greeneville, TN as their hometown and currently live there. Their four released singles are all on the self-titled debut album, released October 12, 2010. Their second single, "If I Die Young," written single-handedly by Kimberley, reached number one on the Hot Country Songs charts and has been certified 2× platinum (and is my personal favorite on the album).

I love it when I find a good, clean country band. No swearing or alcohol or sex references, which, a lot of the country music out there today seems to be chock full of. Though there are references to her leaving him or him leaving her, I am proud to declare this a good listen and to highly recommend it. The Band Perry has strong country sound, but they are unique, which I am always looking for.

1. You Lie (Single)
This song is about a topic popular with women country singers: Men and Lying. In the chorus the lead singer describes all the ways "You Lie." Even though this song has a great upbeat tune, it still relays the underlying hurt felt by a women, when betrayed by her man.

2. Hip to My Heart (Single)
Sung to a man about to pick his bride, begging him to pick her. Great country sound, with clean, fun lyrics.

3. If I Die Young (Single)
A beautiful melody, the singer describes how she would like to be buried if she dies young. She also sings about how tragic young death can be. Sounds like a morbid song, but really is beautiful.

4. All Your Life (Single)
Kimberley sings about how she doesn't want the whole world. She only asks the man she loves, to love her "All Your Life."

5. Miss You Being Gone
From the title, you might even be able to tell what this song is about. The singer ex-boyfriend has come back, and she says that she does miss him; she misses him being gone.

6. Double Heart
In the song she sings about how when her boyfriend showed her his new tattoo with her name in a heart, she hightailed is outta there cause "she wasn't looking for a permanent thing" and "first comes the heart, then comes the ring."

7. Postcard from Paris
A bit of a sad song, she sings about how her "diamond is from an old promise ring." Also about how when "he" came around, it was the meanest thing he ever did. I didn't really get the meaning of this song. It has a great sound and all, but was super hard to decipher.

8. Walk Me Down the Middle
In this song, the singer asks her man to "walk her down the middle" of the county fair, and show the whole world, especially "her," that he belongs to her.

9. Independence
About the need the singer feels to "get away from this town" and gain her independence. She says she need to "get gone" and go to where "freedom is free."

10. Quitting You
I really like the chorus in this song. Not so much the lyrics, just how she sings them.There isn't any swearing or anything, I just don't especially like that she sing about "quittin' her man."

11. Lasso
The lead singer sings about how hard it was loving her man. As hard as "throwing a lasso around a tornado."

12. Queen Maybelline
about a girl with a troubled childhood and now a troubled life. But she can fly and be free when she "dreams she Queen Maybelline."

Did you know that Michelle trys to eat one piece of dark chocolate a day?! She says it's good for her heart :)


  1. Awesome and Good review :)

  2. Michelle, dark chocolate is great :) And so is this review! I love The Band Perry.I'm really just getting into them, but your review has really helped me to get a feel for their album. Stupid itunes isn't working on our I couldn't listen to clips and I'm to lazy to search on youtube. Thanks for reviewing! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  3. this cd is awesome! got it for christmas.