Abby Whear~ Photographer
Hi! My name is Abigail, but you can call me Abby!
I am a Christian girl who loves God with all her heart.
I love photography so much.
It's one of My favorite hobbies.
I'm unsure of what I want to do after I finish high school, but I trust in God and He'll guide Me!
I am in a large family of ten children. I am the fifth oldest child.
I also love music, I play the piano and I am trying to learn how to play the guitar.

Lauren Jaji
Hi, my name is Lauren and I am a Christian girl who lives in a small village in the British countryside.
One day I hope to work for a newspaper or magazine as a photographer or a writer.
Other than photography I adore history, country music, making cakes (and, admittedly, a bit of a mess), a cup of tea on a cold day and spending time with the people I love.

Corrine Voelp
I'm Corrine. I am just a sixteen year old girl who loves colours, sailing, pictures, writing, baking, ukulele, and thrifting. Most of all though I love Jesus. 
I live on the east coast, and love it :] 
I first fell in love with photography when I got my first camera in the seventh grade, and I love it even more now that I have my Rebel t3i! 
I am so excited to get to work with Lilies! :]