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Looking for New LAT Staff Members!!

Hello Everyone!!

LAT is currently looking for new writers and photographers! We are looking for the following writers:

~beauty and fashion writers
~ short story and poems
~regular article writers

Each writer we have writes 1 to 2 pieces per month and sends them in at the end of each month. Beauty and fashion writers will always have 2 pieces each month. Please click here to see if you are qualified for the beauty and fashion writers position.

For Photographers: We are looking for someone(s) who can make LAT look as best as it can through their photos. Someone who can use their creativity.

If you think you would like to work alongside the LAT staff, please email us and we will be happy to send you an application!!

Thank you and God Bless!!

Haylie Gregory~ Editor

Word From the Wise (The Wise Being God)

Dear Nadia,
My ex-boyfriend and I can't stand each other. We can't even be in the same room without making sure the other one know how much we hate each other. He was a creep and tried to pressure me into having sex with him and we broke up because he realized it wasn't gonna happen. And he was a jerk the whole time we went out too. I can't even explain how much I wish he would just disappear from my life. How can I get over this anger and hate?
Anger and Hatred 
Dear Anger and Hatred,
I'm sorry, sweet sister in Christ! As you try to forgive this guy, turn to Jesus and pour out your heart to Him. "Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you" (1 Peter 5:7). Let Him heal you and let His love bring you peace!

It sounds like this guy needs a lot of prayers! I'm not going to lie, it's incredibly difficult, but Jesus says " I'm telling you to love your enemies. Let them bring out the best in you, not the worst. When someone gives you a hard time, respond with the energies of prayer!" (Matthew 5:44). You are a Princess of the King, you are the one with Jesus saturating your heart! You are strong in Him, and you are the one with the power to let go. One quote that helps me is "Every time I remember the hurt, I will forgive." Give it to Jesus then let go of it. It's like the scene from Pilgrim's progress: Pilgrim was traveling with a burden weighing him down and struggling immensely. However, when he came to the feet of the cross, his burden fell and he was free!

Lastly, "be... tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you" (Ephesians 4:32). Let Jesus hold your heart and make it soft. Don't let pain make your heart hard and bitter. Look at Jesus, our Savior and Prince - "We do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses" (Hebrews 4:15), He knows exactly what we are going through! On the cross, even as we rejected and scorned Him, His heart overflowed with love for us and His mercy knew no bounds.
I'm praying for you and I know that Jesus is holding your heart!


Did you know that Nadia is horrible at ping-pong?!

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Christmas Card Reminder

Hello Followers!

If you would like to recieve a Christmas card from LAT, Please email us at with your address and we will send you one!!

Haylie Gregory~Editor

Is the Bible True? By Ariel Oliver from Passion Magazine

In titling this article, I had to wonder, what does the phrase exactly mean in the context of us saying that we as Christians believe the Bible is true? Once I heard the retort, “EVERYONE believes it EXISTS!” What the Christian believes about the Bible being the truth essentially means that we believe the content is true.

The Bible is filled with raw, honest truth. It is truth. Not only in spiritual truths, but historically and scientifically, it is absolutely accurate and trustworthy as well. This is where people clash with us from the get-go. They have several different arguments for us. A common belief is that, like the telephone game, as manuscript after manuscript was duplicated by copyists, the documents were filled with the errors and even deliberate edits of careless, corrupt copyists, and we can’t be sure that the message we have today is the same as was written by the original author thousands of years ago. Others go as far as to insinuate that the whole book was written by one person! This view is simply absurd and the individual who argues this needs to research the Bible only slightly more. Another group of people may say that the Bible, although it is mostly or even all accurate and credible, is just like any other religious book and is spiritually untrue and not the word of God.

This article exists to present the truth of the Bible and prove that it is TRUE, which let me tell you—is not that hard at all!

Is the Bible a historically credible document?

The first thing several people bring up when arguing against the principals of our faith is that the Bible is not “serious.” Common names for the Word are a book of fairytales, one huge contradiction or a historically inaccurate joke. (Want to know a good way that will often render them with no answer? Ask them for an example. :) )

The fact is that the Bible itself IS a historical document. There is not one historical inaccuracy in it and its written records are invaluable for historians. The Bible in many places gives priceless insights into the world that humans lived in thousands of years ago. It is used as an evidence of history. One instance would be the fall of Babylon to Cyrus in 539 BC. There are a few different artifacts that we use today to interpret how it happened. Amongst a few other evidences and also the Book of Daniel, which describes some of the event, and completely matches up with the other reliable accounts.

Furthermore, archaeology is on the Bible’s side in proving the events and people described in it to be real. Archaeologist after archaeologist has affirmed the historical credibility of the Holy Bible, Old and New Testament. (A great list of quotes can be found in Evidence that Demands a Verdict.)

One absolutely incredible piece of uncovered evidence is the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Here’s a random archaeological proof for the OT – “According to Scripture, ‘The whole earth was of one language and one speech’ (Genesis 11:1) before the Tower of Babel. After the building of the tower and its destruction, God confounded the language of all the earth (Genesis 11:9). Many modern day philologists attest to the likelihood of such an origin for the world’s languages. Alfredo Trombetti says he can trace and prove the common origin of all languages. Max Mueller also attests to the common origin. And Otto Jespersen goes so far as to say that language was directly given to the first men by God.”3

Inscriptions, tombs, pavements, buildings, and literature have been excavated proving the places, names, and happenings recorded in the NT.

The Bible is actually the most dependable historical document we have from more than thousands of years ago. There are over 5,300 known Greek manuscripts of the New Testament. “Add over 10,000 Latin Vulgate and at least 9,300 other early versions (MSS),” writes Josh McDowell, “and we have more than 24,000 manuscript copies of portions of the New Testament in existence today. No other document of antiquity even begins to approach such numbers and attestation.”1

Caesar’s writings were composed around 100-44 BC and the earliest copy we have uncovered was written in 900 AD (1,000 year gap, and there are only 10 copies). Aristotle made his works in 384-322 BC, and the earliest copy we have uncovered is from 1100 AD, a span of 1,400 years (only 49 copies). Homer’s Iliad was written in 900 BC, and the earliest reproduction of the document we have was copied in 400 BC, a time span of 500 years (200 copies). Compare these numbers to the New Testament! Its books were written in 40-100 AD and the earliest copy we have is from 125 AD, just around 25 years after it was written! (Not to mention those over 24,000 copies we have of the NT!) (As for the Old Testament, look up the Dead Sea Scrolls and check that out. It’s a fascinating discovery.)

What interests me is that no one challenges the historical authenticity of all these other records, yet they guffaw at the idea of the Bible being accurate in its history! Not only IS the Bible a completely credible document historically but it is the best and most trustworthy one we have!

Is the Bible scientifically stable?

A lot of people are under the impression that since the Bible teaches creationism, which is supposedly bogus (a subject for a different article), it is filled with scientific inaccuracies. Now although the Bible does not exactly discuss science (it's not a science textbook), where science is mentioned, it’s exactly the opposite and is far ahead of any of the writing of its time.

“He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth…” –Isaiah 40:22, emphasis added. (This verse blows the myth that the Bible claims the earth was flat straight apart!)

“He spreads out the northern [skies] over empty space; he suspends the earth over nothing.” –Job 26:7 (The people of the time that this was written never believed that the earth was suspended over anything, and didn’t until quite a long time later!)

“He wraps up the water in his clouds, yet the clouds do not burst under their weight.” –Job 26:8

“He draws up the drops of water, which distill as rain to the streams; the clouds pour down their moisture and abundant showers fall on mankind” –Job 36: 27-28

“The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course. All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full. To the place the streams come from, there they return again” –Ecclesiastes 1:6-7 (The hydrologic cycle! Hey, that’s interesting! This cycle wasn't discovered until a long time later!)

There’s not enough room in the article to put all the references in, but be sure to look these up in your Bible:

The stars are innumerable – Genesis 15:5

The existence of valleys in the seas – 2 Samuel 22:16

The existence of springs and fountains in the seas – Genesis 7:11, 8:2; Proverbs 8:28

The existence of ocean currents in the seas – Psalm 8:1, 3, 6, 8

Entropy – Psalm 102:25-26

The nature of health, sanitation, and sickness – Leviticus 12-142

Is the Bible the Word of God?

There are a couple different ways to prove that the Bible was, in fact, inspired by God. One of them is what we just covered. All those scientific truths were completely unknown by society when the particular book was written, yet they were mentioned in the Bible! But Who knows all, despite what we can’t see or comprehend? God. There’s only one explanation for how these truths could have all found themselves into this holy Book when theories for scientific truth had not even been formulated—the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

A second argument for the Bible being God’s Word is fulfilled prophecy (predictions about the future that were told by God to man). Here are several different examples you can relay:

1. The City of Tyre. In Ezekiel 26, God predicted many different futures about this city. He promised it would be destroyed, that many nations would be against it, that it would be made “flat like a rock”, fishermen would spread their nets over the site, they would throw debris into the water, it would never be rebuilt, and never be found again. These things were ALL accomplished in history through the siege of Nebuchadnezzar, the raid of Alexander the Great, the reduction of Antigonus, the capture of the Moslems – and now, presently, there is a small fishing village that stands over where the city used to be!

2. In Hosea 13:16 and Micah 1:6, predictions were made about Samaria that all came true. As told, Samaria was taken by Sargon in 722 BC. It also fell violently to the sword by Alexander the Great and by John Hyracanus. As recorded in 1697, the ruined city was covered by fertile soil and gardens. For centuries the ground had been ploughed. Floyd Hamilton penned, “At the foot of the hill [of Samaria], in the valley, lie the foundation stones of the city.” All the prophecies in Hosea and Micah about this city came true!

3. Jesus predicted in Luke 21/Mark 13 that the temple of Jerusalem would be completely destroyed. Just a matter of years after He uttered this, the Romans invaded Jerusalem and completely demolished the temple. Truly, “not one stone was left on top of another.”

These are simply a few fulfilled prophecies of dozens that can be found if you researched it. (Not to mention, there are other prophecies that are still being fulfilled today!) There is only one explanation for all the true predictions (and astonishing scientific and historical accuracy) found in the Bible—it is the truth of the Almighty.

Of course, even when all these facts are presented to an unbeliever, they still have to choose to accept or reject the faith. Many will choose to continue with their beliefs and avoid the truth. It truly comes down to faith and what we choose to believe, so before laying out facts and statistics, pray for them and listen to their spiritual need. Unbelievers don’t need to be debated with about the evidences of our faith – they need to hear about a Savior who loves them to the point of death. Once their defiance of the Bible has been tackled, move to the truth! The Bible was written by over 40 different authors, in 3 different languages, on 3 different continents, in different moods, cultures, and times, but the Message throughout is the same – there is a God who loves us immensely and wants all to receive His forgiveness and blessing. Be sure to share the actual message and Good News of the Bible.

An article can only be so long (this one sure was pushing it!) and I could only name minimal examples in archaeological findings, fulfilled prophecies, and other things I’ve presented in this article that will help you argue for the truth of the Bible, so I strongly recommend that you further research this subject and learn the real, raw facts. Look it up on the internet, or buy the book Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell. And if you have any questions, email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

1. Evidence that Demands a Verdict, volume I by Josh McDowell, pg. 39.

Originally posted on Passion Magazine. Click here to view Passion's site.

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It's a Winter Giveaway!!!

Hello Faithful Followers!

Because the LAT staff loves you so very much, we decided to do a VERY BIG giveaway! We have 4 prizes for our American followers and 2 prizes for our UK followers! This time, you can enter in for 2 prizes!!!

Here's how to enter:

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If you do all of these, you will have 12 entries!!!!

The Rules:
1) You must leave your name with each comment you post!!! How else will we know the winner!!!
2) If you are entering in for 2 prizes, you must tell us how many entries you want for each item. Example: Haylie Gregory, 2 entries for item 3 and 4 entries for item 2.
3) You must enter in for a prize in your country only.
4) You must let us know how you entered!
Example: Haylie Gregory: I follow you on Facebook, I posted a link to LAT on my Facebook page, I follow you on Blogger and on email.

That's it!!!! Now, onto the prizes!!!

Prize #1
                           These adorable snowman earrings donated by randomlycreated Etsy Shop.
USA entry only

Prize #2
                    This cute little cupcake ornament donated by LittlePunkinMunkie Etsy Shop.
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Prize #3
These beautiful looking peppermint soaps donated by kymscorner Etsy Shop.
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Prize #4
This lovely Christmas necklace donated by my good friend, Hannah
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Prize #5
This super cute sleepy owl leather journal donated by inblue Esty Shop.
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We do have one more item for the UK followers and it is a blue and brown crochet scarf, but I was having some difficulties getting to posted on here. I am talking with the shop who donated now to see if I can get it up ASAP! But, there is 2 items for our UK followers! If you wish to enter in for it, please leave a comment saying Prize #6
The scarf was donated by LousCrochetShop

Please enter in by December 9th!

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Johnny English Reborn

For everyone who has never seen the Johnny English movies, you are seriously missing out. These movies are hilarious and very good to watch.
In the new Johnny English movie Johnny English has to be hunted down because he fell of the grid. When the agencies find him they must, hopefully, acquire the highly unorthodox agents help in a case. Watch as Johnny English makes mistakes and disasters in this movie but also learn a few lessons along the way.
 This movie is PG. It has no sex or nudity and very few crude references. The cussing in this movie is extremely minor with only 2 uses of the word h***. I give this movie a 4.5/5 :)
Did you know that Kari has two extremely annoying little sisters?! Her words not mine!

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Don't Take the Abuse~ Haley Oscar

Abuse. Many of use hear about it or are even going through it. Many of us don't know what to do about it either. Maybe you know someone who's in a abusive relationship or you yourself are in one.

These are the facts:
Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States, more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined.

Three to four million women in the United States are beaten in their homes each year by their husbands, ex-husbands, or male lovers.

One woman is beaten by her husband or partner every 15 seconds in the United States.

One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.

1992, the American Medical Association reported that as many as 1 in 3 women will be assaulted by a domestic partner in her lifetime -- 4 million in any given year.

85% of domestic violence victims are women.

Police are more likely to respond within 5 minutes if an offender is a stranger than if an offender is known to a female victim.

Battering occurs among people of ALL races, ages, socio-economic classes, religious affiliations, occupations, and educational backgrounds.

A battering incident is rarely an isolated event and battering tends to increase and become more violent over time.

25% - 45% of all women who are battered are battered during pregnancy.

Domestic violence does not end immediately with separation. Over 70% of the women injured in domestic violence cases are injured after separation.

Nearly 7.8 million women have been raped by an intimate partner at some point in their lives.
Boys who witness domestic violence are twice as likely to abuse their own partners and children when they become adults.

Children who witness violence at home display emotional and behavioral disturbances as diverse as withdrawal, low self-esteem, nightmares, self-blame and aggression against peers, family members and property.

One in ten calls made to alert police of domestic violence is placed by a child in the home. One of every three abused children becomes an adult abuser or victim.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found in a national survey that 34 percent of adults in the United States had witnessed a man beating his wife or girlfriend, and that 14 percent of women report that they have experienced violence from a husband or boyfriend.

More than 1 million women seek medical assistance each year for injuries caused by battering. (Federal Bureau of Investigation; U.S. Department of Justice National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS); Horton, 1995. "Family and Intimate Violence")

Nearly three out of four (74%) of Americans personally know someone who is or has been a victim of domestic violence. 30% of Americans say they know a woman who has been physically abused by her husband or boyfriend in the past year.

Let's face it, those facts are scary! But how do you know that someone or yourself is in an abusive relationship?
Questions to ask yourself:

Have you ever been physically hurt, such as being kicked, pushed, choked or punched, by your partner or ex-partner?

Has your partner ever used the threat of hurting you or members of your family to get you to do something?

Has your partner ever injured or abused your pets?

Has your partner ever destroyed your property or things that you care about?

Has your partner tried to keep you from seeing your family, going to school or doing other things that are important to you?

Do you feel like you are being controlled or isolated by your partner? For instance, does your partner control your money, transportation, activities or social contacts?

Have you ever been forced by your partner to have sex when you did not want to or to have unsafe sex?

Is your partner jealous and always questioning whether you are faithful?
Does your partner regularly blame you for things that you cannot control, or for his/her violent outbursts?

Does your partner regularly insult you?

Are you ever afraid of your partner or of going home? Does he/she make you feel unsafe?

There are other signs of domestic violence that observers might see in a relative or friend who is in an abusive relationship.
They include:
being prone to "accidents" or being repeatedly injured.

having injuries that could not be caused unintentionally or that do not match the story of what happened to cause them.

having injuries on many different parts of the body, such as the face, throat, neck, chest, abdomen or genitals.

having bruises, burns or wounds that are shaped like teeth, hands, belts, cigarette tips or that look like the injured person has a glove or sock on. (from having a hand or foot placed in boiling water)

having wounds in various states of healing.

often seeking medical help or, conversely, waiting to seek or not seeking medical help even for serious injuries.

showing signs of depression.

using alcohol or other drugs.

attempting suicide.

If you're in a abusive relationship, or know someone who is, my heart goes out to you and I am praying for your protection.
Many of us can spot the signs of abuse, but most of us are afraid to act and get yourself or someone else's help. Sometimes the offender is so violent that you're afraid that if you act it could cost you or someone you know their life. Some woman have to slowly make an escape plan, some just simply have to speak up and tell a friend or family member, and others NEED to have the law involved.
How to leave an abusive partner:

Leaving an abuser can be dangerous. In order to do it as safely as possible, you should plan ahead and take the following precautions:

Pack a bag ahead of time that will be available to take with you when you decide it is the safest time to leave. Include items such as extra clothes, important papers, money, extra keys and prescription medications.

Know exactly where you will go and how you will get there.

Call a local women’s shelter or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE (7233) to find out about legal options available to you.

While making plans to leave, avoid making long-distance phone calls from home of using a cell phone. An abuser could trace long-distance calls to find out where you are going or intercept your cell phone conversations using a scanner. (In extream cases) Also, be aware that the abuser may be able to monitor your Internet activities and access your e-mail account.In an emergency situation, always call 911 or your local law enforcement agency. If you are not in immediate danger, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-Safe (7233), which provides crisis intervention and referrals to in-state or out-of-state resources, such as women’s shelters or crisis centers.
Once you finally get away, I urge you to seek counseling. Remember to cling to God in this hard time you or a friend may be going through.
If it's your friend reach out to them as best as you can and try to get them help.

As I always say, prayer is the biggest tool you could ever use. God is there with you and can help you through this. Be smart about it and think about the importance of your life. God has so much better for you! If you would like more people to pray for you, please email the LAT staff here and we will defiantly pray for you!

I've listed below some websites that may help you even more.

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Rue21 Store Review~ Renee Arnold

Rue 21 is a sensational store if you are searching for great deals on stylish clothes. They have everything from tops, shirts, jeans, shoes and even beauty products! I visited their web site to look for an adorable fall outfit that would be simple and classy.
This versatile striped sweater has very soft and pretty colors and will work well with many things you already own! I love how the sleeves slouch at the wrists instead of just being flat. I think this adds a special flare to the sweater. This sweater is available for $20.
Bootcut jeans are the perfect option for school because they are very flattering and they don't restrict moving like tight skinny jeans do. These flap pocket jeans are $20 and have very detailed stitching on the sides that make them stand out from other jeans on the market.
I fell in love with these heels the first second I saw them! I adore how the bootie shape with the peep toe and the bow adds a very unique accent. These shoes are $30 and will complement the gray and pink sweater perfectly!
Because of the intricate shoes and basic sweater, I don't think this ensemble needs any help from jewelry but Rue 21 has plenty of affordable options ranging from $5-$10.
As far as modesty in the store, I was impressed until I came to the lounge wear. Their tops are generally modest although there are some stomach and midriff revealing ones advertised on the models. No jeggings or leggings as pants that I could see, which made me happy because that is such a popular trend right now and honestly, I don't find it flattering or modest.
The biggest problems I saw were the skirts and sleepwear/underwear. The skirts were very short and tight and the underwear/sleepwear was very inappropriate. I do not want a pair of underwear that states "Boys will the Toys" Ya, no thanks. And do pre-teen girls really need more of an ego boost with sweaters that say "I'm kind of a big deal" and "No paparazzi please?" I don't think so!
Although you might find some good jeans and pretty tops there, don't go in search for skirts or dorm wear, unless you want "I love french kissing" written across your butt.
Did you know that Renee hates sitting still?!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Suddenly~ Rachel Melillo

Suddenly. So many times, life changes in a moment. In the Bible, people would be living their lives—their ordinary every day lives—when suddenly God did something. And it was amazing.

When I think of all the extraordinary and some devastating things in the Bible, I see events like the hosts of heavenly angels coming out to see the shepherds, Jesus healing people, the hand writing on the wall. That night that Jesus was born, the shepherds were just doing their job, tending their sheep as always. Then suddenly, a host of angels appeared to them and they fell on their faces. Suddenly, God changed their lives. When Jesus healed people, it wasn't a preplanned event, but he saw a need and a faithful, believing heart, and he healed them. Suddenly, Jesus changed their lives. The king was having a banquet when suddenly, God came down and wrote on the wall. Suddenly, that king was never the same.

How could God suddenly work in your life? How many times do we miss God's sudden blessings because we're focusing on the negative parts of life or the things that aren't going how we want them to? What would happen if we looked for the God's sudden blessings and life changing events in our lives? Let's live suddenly, sisters. :)

Did you know that Rachel wants to publish 3 books before she's 25?! She's already published one! Click here to check it out!

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Peculiar Treasures ~ Robin Jones Gunn

Being the maid-of-honor for her best friend, Christy’s, wedding, was one of the best moments in Katie Weldon’s life. And she catches more than just the bouquet at that wedding. She receives an offer that will be the beginning of a completely new phase in her life; one that just might point her in the direction she’s been searching for.

Katie is a senior in college and has changed her major multiple times. She just can’t seem to find the right fit. She calls it her “major dilemma.”

But becoming the new Resident Assistant at her college has provided her with more than just something to do. The new friendships with her Resident Director, Julie, and partner RA (resident assistant), Nicole have her provided her with what she feared she’d been missing when her best friend Christy finished college.

Through the help of Julie, Katie is able to truly forgive her parents for all the pain in her childhood and learn to rely on God and find her identity in Him. And when she does that her future is made clear.
But there’s still one problem: that of her almost- boyfriend Rick. He seems to be content in the relationship they have, while she is ready for the next level of commitment. Also, through a series of events, Katie finds that she doesn’t trust Rick as much as she thought, because of her under-lying pain. Will Katie be able to forgive and forget, like she did with her parents? Or will her in-ability to trust, tear her and Rick apart forever? 

Did you know that Michelle's style is a mix of vintage, romantic, bohemian, whimsical and professional?!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Joy of Giving: A Humble Spirit is Pleasing to God and Others~ Hogan Stevens

Thanksgiving is a day where we all gather together and celebrate everything that God has given us. It's usually a day filled with family, food, and fun...and if you're anything like my family, there's lots of food. Turkey--of course--, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet rolls, macaroni, meatloaf, ham, deviled eggs, corn, okra...The list goes on and on, and I've not even listed dessert!
While enjoying the delicious foods prepared and brought by everyone, we sit in the living area talking and laughing with the whole family. It's great fun, and usually everyone stays til late at night, leaving only when the littlest little ones are drowsing on the floor and in laps.
That's pretty much it, right? That's all there is to Thanksgiving: family and food, and most especially enjoying yourself.
Well, not exactly.
Thanksgiving. It's a compoud word. 'Thanks' means to show gratitude. 'Giving' or 'give' means to grant or bestow to another. So what better way to show your gratitude to God for all He has done than to bestow this thankful spirit onto someone else? If you are happy to be alive and blessed, then why not spread that joy to another and make them just as glad? God rejoices in those who are humble and kind; it pleases Him to see His children loving one another.
For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted. (Luke 18:14b)

Being humble--showing kindness and no prejudice, love and compassion to everyone--is something that can change everything. By being humble, we as Christians exude all that is good about being a follower of Christ. Sometimes it may be hard to show love to someone. You know what I mean. Every girl has that one person that gets under her skin, even if it's for seemingly no reason, but it's up to us to put aside those petty feelings and decide to be the kind, generous person that God made you to be.

You save the humble but bring low those whose eyes are haughty. (Psalm 18:27, referring to the Lord.)

This Thanksgiving, I think we should all try to take this to heart. It can be something simple, like smiling at a lady you pass on the street or helping an elderly man pick up something he dropped. Those are great gestures and they might very well make that person's day, but you can be even more kind and giving by doing so much more. Help a neighbor rake leaves or help your younger brother with his homework. Do the laundry for your mother, wash your dad's truck when he's too busy, give a kind and encouraging word to a sad woman you meet at the market. You get the idea, I'm sure.
Be kind.
Be loving.
 Most importantly, give. Give some of that wonderful, inspiring Jesus-spirit to everyone you meet. Not just during the Thanksgiving holiday, but every day. Be that girl that everyone else admires, the girl that, just by looking at her, everyone can tell has something special about her. Be that girl that, just by the way she acts and carries herself, has the love of Jesus shining through her.
Galatians 5:25 says, "Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit." By saying this, Paul meant that since we now have the spirit of Jesus (the Holy Ghost) inside of us, we should act like it. We should be like Jesus.
Do you know the fruits of the Spirit? Coconuts, right? No! The fruits--or actions--are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. And to have such fruits, one must have a humble and giving mindset.
What about you? Are you patient and kind to everyone you meet and in everything you do? If not, that's okay! You still have time to learn. Just open your heart and mind to Jesus, and He will lovingly guide you.
This Thanksgiving, I hope you remember that it's not all about the food and the fun; it's much more than that. It's about showing and giving the love of God to others.
Did you know that Hogan speaks Italian?!

Did you know that Jess and her sister, Beth, made all of the headers for the articles AND our main header?!

Photograph property of Lilies Among Thorns Magazine. Photograph taken by Jess Mc.

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Fall Favorites~ Lea Sadler

What first comes to mind when you think about crunchy leaves, crisp air, fiery colors, and a feast of delicious food with your family? Fall! Personally, I love Fall; it's my favorite season. I asked around and got what everyone's favorite thing about Autumn is:
· The changing colors
· I love how all the trees turn red and orange. And after that, I love how all the leaves scatter on the ground and blow in the wind.
· Pumpkin pie
· I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin pie, but I know a lot of people do.
· Scarves
· Scarves are so cute, and fall is the perfect time to wear them to keep warm in the chilly air.
· Football
· Football season starts! Time to start following your favorite team and getting ready for the superbowl! Go Seahawks!!
· The switch from warm temperatures to cold
· The subtle temperature change is pleasant for anyone who appreciates a little cooler weather.
· The rain
· I love the fresh smell of the earth after the rain hits.
· The smell
· The person who submitted this fall favorite loves candles, and she loves lighting apple and cinnamon scented ones the most in this beautiful season.
· The foggy mornings
· Ever play hide and seek in the fog? 'nough said!
I guess there's always something to look forward to in each season, but for me, fall is the season that most makes me feel at home. So, what are you excited for this season?

Did you know that Lea still loves Disney movies, VeggieTales and Scooby-Doo?!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Lipgloss Be Poppin' by Brynlea Taylor

I believe that our words are invisible representations of who we are. They can glamorize someone's day or drain the life out of one's hopes. Words are powerful. They heal. They encourage. They kill. They discourage.

  "...for beautiful lips, speak words of kindness" ~Audrey Hepburn

As women, we should monitor what we say on a daily basis. It's so easy to get caught up in girly gossip, bitter rage, and constant complaints, but we have the power to control what comes out of our mouths and leaves our lips. Slander and gossip chap, but encouragement and praise shine.

 "Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear." ~Ephesians 4:29 

Choose to have beautiful, lucious lips-speak words of kindess. As I always tell my students "think before you speak!" Words can be forgiven, but they can't be forgotten. May your precious hearts dwell on this today and choose your words and topics of coversation very carefully.

My Top 5 Favorite Lipglosses of All Time...and An Awesome Sugar Lip Scrub!

 This was originally posted on Brynlea's blog! Click here to check it out!
Reposted with permission from Brynlea Taylor.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Interview with Submerged

Our very own Abigail got to do this interview with the band Submerged!! I hope you enjoy!

Hey everyone, I’d like to introduce you to some people from my old home-state of Indiana who I really think you are going to like: Nic, Cait, and Gavin of the band Submerged. You probably have never heard of them before, but I think after you get to know them a little, you’ll start to love them as much as I do.
Submerged first began back in 2006 and has since remained true to its initial goals: staying true to God and setting a good example of Christ before the world. In 2008, the band released its first album entitled “Don’t Hide.” Rather than settling for a couple good songs, the band pushed itself to offer its fans a solid album full of their very best efforts while promoting faith, love, and emotion from the first to the last second. With Ben Kasica –former lead guitarist of Skillet- co-writing and producing, and Acceptance’s Nick Radovanovic engineering and remixing it, their album was released through Skies Fall Studios and met all of their expectations and then some.
Lead singer and songwriter Caitlin Shea was very pleased with the final product, saying that working with Ben and the others really taught them quite a bit. She also explains how all the songs are written from either firsthand experience, or from watching her friends go through things –and that while recording, stories, music, and emotions came together beautifully.

Getting to Know Them…
Q: How did Submerged get started?
Nic: We started out as a youth band at church, back in summer of 2006. Soon after, we went from just playing church events to playing all over the place, from Ichthus to Rocketown in Florida. In the process, we've met some really great people - we recorded our album with Ben Kasica, Skillet's former guitarist, and we played shows with bands such as Icon For Hire, Stellar Kart, 7eventh Time Down, and Seabird as well!

Q: Although your music has quite a strong Christian basis, I’m sure it also appeals to those who generally don’t listen to Christian music as well. Has it been difficult trying to balance writing music that attracts those who don’t share your faith as well as songs which will point them the right way while still writing things relevant to Christians?
Gavin: I’ve always thought it was because you had to make sure you’re bridging the gaps between the two but not crossing over.
Nic: You kind of have to push the envelope, but you can’t push it too much, so you really have to find the right balance.
Cait: I agree and disagree with that. It is a fine line, but I always write what I feel and don’t really think about it in the moment. I try to write from experience and things my peers can relate to, whether that is God-centered or emotion based. So I think it gives us a good mix, naturally.

Q: As a band, what is your biggest goal? If you could accomplish one thing together, what would it be?
Cait: The biggest goal is to touch lives and lead people to God. And if that means we eventually get signed... That'd be even more awesome!

Q: What is a lesson (faith-wise) each of you have learned since you’ve been a part of Submerged?
Nic: You can find really cool surprises in the most unlikely places. Big shows aren't always the best. At smaller shows, you get to meet close-knit communities that have strong faith, and that's always really inspiring.
Gavin: I've really learned to trust in God, even when things don't look like they're going the way you planned. Because you always have to know He has a better plan than you can imagine.

Cait: I agree with Gavin. A musician's life isn't glamorous like most people think. It's definitely trying at times, and you really have to have the passion for it to stick it out. But it's God's calling for us, and He'll always provide.

Q: Frequently how/why we come to Christ can really affect the way we live our lives afterwards. Could each of you tell us a little about how you came to Christ and the impact that has made in how you live today?
Cait: Jesus has always been such a big part of my life. If it weren't for Him, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing. I had way different plans for my life, though they still were plans to dedicate my life to Him... but He steered me a different way. And I love it.
Nic: Cait and I are brother and sister, so we've had pretty similar experiences, faith-wise. I feel like that's been a great thing - we've always kept each other in check!

Gavin: I came to know Christ when I was pretty young, but when I was around 14, He really made a big impact in my life and changed my life for the better.

Q: How are things looking for your new album? Do you have a tentative release date for it yet?
Gavin: February 30th.
[Everyone laughs]
Cait: Seriously, though, the album is coming together, but funding the album is difficult. We've also gone through so many changes since our last album, that it's been hard to get solid as a band enough to ready the album. But it will happen, and we will make a big announcement!

Q: Do you (Cait) ever find it challenging to be the only girl in the band?
Cait: Never. I’m a very girly girl, but I’m also just one of the guys. I’ve never felt out of place hanging with the boys.

Q: What bands do you think have most influenced your music?
Cait: We always list our band influences as Anberlin, Paramore, and Skillet. Switchfoot was a big influence too, especially when we started. Now we all have so many different influences that come into play in our sound. For instance, my biggest influences are Michelle Branch, Miranda Lambert, Stephen from Anberlin, Gwen Stefani, and a Japanese artist named YUI. But I still love and am inspired by rock music.
Gavin: I study the bands I like live to learn from them, and that influences me, and it's also reaffirming. My biggest overall influence though is Anberlin. And you could probably put down Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Joe Jonas too. [Everyone laughs]
Nic: [sarcastically, laughing] Oh, yeah, and Lady Gaga inspires my clothing style. I have the same Kermit The Frog outfit! [seriously] Some of my actual influences include Stellar Kart, Decyfer Down, Underoath... and secular artists as varied as Kanye West, Steely Dan, Jack Johnson and Los Lonely Boys.

Q: If you could change your band name to anything else...what would it be?
Nic: The Peg Legs.
Cait: [laughs] We always joke we'll change our name to that, and then crack pirate jokes the whole show. But actually, it's funny you mention that, because we have been considering a name change lately, we're just not sure what it would be.

Q: Have you ever considered giving up the band and just going your separate ways to live more "normal" lives?
Gavin: Not really. It's something I've wanted to do from day one, so I've never thought about giving up the life I've always wanted.
Nic: I've always told everyone in the band: "I'll be a part of this as long as y'all want me." [laughs]
Cait: I've never doubted that this is what I'm supposed to be doing, so I've never wanted to quit.

Finding Out More…
Submerged is currently at work on their sophomore album in which they hope to showcase their growing maturity in both faith and music. Until then however, you can catch them out playing shows or through any of the following places:, ,, and iTunes