Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Falling for Red~ By Sarah from Mod Style Lounge

Ladies, let’s talk hair color. Whether you’ve been every color from platinum blond to jet black or you’ve never been colored at all (hairdressers call this “virgin hair” =D), fall is a great time to try something new. Since you’re revamping your wardrobe with the new trends, why not do the same to your hair?
With the weather getting cooler and the trees changing the color of their leaves to red and orange, it’s a great time to try warm tones in your hair, like reds or oranges. If you don’t like the idea of permanently changing your hair color, you could try a semi-permanent or demi-permanent color, which generally last for about 4-6 weeks and fades out without leaving a line of demarcation when your natural hair starts to grow out from the scalp. Ask your stylist about the hair-coloring options they offer.

Here are some hot colors to consider:

Rich Auburn

This color is great for fall. It’s a reddish-brown like the color of autumn leaves. It works great on ladies with fair skin and pink undertones like Emma Stone.

Cinnamon Highlights

Nothing reminds me of autumn than cinnamon. Think apple cobbler! These subtle red highlights look great in deep brunettes with darker skin tones, like Serena Williams.
Strawberry Blonde

Who doesn’t love Amy Adams hair color? This light, soft red is such a beautiful color and a gift if it’s natural, because it’s rare! But for those of us who aren’t blessed with such a gift, this color is all the rage lately and if you’re willing to lighten your hair, this is a nice option instead of the overdone platinum blonde.

Really Red

For the bold, eclectic girl, try a fiery red like Hayley Williams and bring out the rocker in you. Let everyone know you’ve arrived.
Are you trying a new hair color for falltime? Which color would you like to try? Let’s talk!

Sarah DOES have red hair and she is a cosmetologist who likes revamping other beautiful ladies’ hair! She loves God, music, fashion, laughing, reading, writing, makeup and hair. She enjoys all of God’s creation (especially kittens and puppies) and lets spiders live in her room because she doesn’t have the heart to kill them.

This was origanally post on Mod Style Lounge, with permission from Sarah.