Haylie Gregory~ Editor and "Growing in the SONshine" Column

Hey Y'all! My name is Haylie Gregory and I and the editor of Lilies! I love to write, hang out with my friends, paint (not entirely good at it) and watch endless episodes of "Psych". I also enjoy challenging my friends to a not-so-friendly game of PacMan! I have a very unhealthy coffee obsession and very healthy fear of frogs! I believe that being a servant of God is very important. I believe that everyone can and should serve God. I absolutely love how God continues to forgive us after we have sinned time and time again. We are so undeserving. After high school, I plan on going to cosmetology school to become a hair dresser. After that, I hope to get married and raise a family while styling hair and write books on the side.
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Haley Oscar~ Assistant Editor and "Fit to Serve" column

I'm Haley, I'm an 18 year old girl living in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I've been writing for LAT for over a year now and (I am now the assistant editor) I write for the dating and fitness articles. I have a passion for nutrition and relationships. My relationship advise comes from my heart, life experiences, prayer and the bible. I hope my thoughts and articles on relationships helps you to grow in wisdom and helps to open your eyes to God's will for YOUR life. I'm attending Trinity School of Natural Health in May of 2012, and hope my knowledge of nutrition and natural cures helps you better your health and everyday life. I pray for every one of you daily and hope you really take something from each of my writings and that you and I can push forward in our relationship with God. let's bring him the glory by being lilies for him!


Renee Arnold~ Beauty & Fashion Writer

 Hi, my name is Renee Arnold and I help write the beauty and fashion articles. I am 14 years old and was born on December 11th to my parents, Jeff and Noriene. I also have a little sister, Dana who is now 12. I am going to be a freshman this year at Seneca Valley High School. Along with my core classes, I take chorus, journalism, cooking and french. I accepted Jesus Christ as my  Savior at the tender age of 4 and have strive to live for Him ever since, especially after rededicating my life to him about 3 years ago at a music festival. I have no clue what I want to be when I grow up but I know whatever it is, I want it to make a difference!       
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      Emily Ciszewski~ "Be the Change" Column 

Hey, my name is Emily Ciszewski and I write the "Be The Change" column. I love making new friends, reading, writing songs on my guitar, singing and doing things on a whim! I have a love for younger girls!  Jesus is seriously my best friend. I count on Him and trust Him to take care of me. He is the best listener and encourager i will ever know, and I want everyone to know about Him. After graduation, I'd love to travel to Florida, California, Hawaii, and possibly out of the country, like Africa and Europe! I'd also love to take a few creative writing and business classes, so that I can write and own my own 50's diner!


Michelle Pell~ "Whatcha Readin?" Column and "In Our Headphones" Column

Michelle is a 15 year old girl from Michigan. She is a friendly person and love making new friends. She loves vintage and old-fashioned stuff. Michelle loves fashion and shopping. French Vanilla Lattes and Chocolates are the BEST!!! Reading, listening to music and watching movies are some of her favorite things to do, that's why she applied for the media writer for this magazine :) Michelle loves Jesus with all my heart and strive to serve him every day. He is the reason she is living.
"I pray that my articles give Him glory and praise, and that others see Him through my writing."

        Nadia~ "Word from the Wise (The Wise Being God)" Column  
 Hi! My name is Nadia and I am a 15-year-old who is falling in love with her Savior. I'm so stoked to be a part of the LAT family as the writer of the 'A Word from the Wise - the Wise Being God' column. I still struggle a lot, but I'm so excited to share all that God has taught me with others. I love to praise God with song and dance, even though I'm not too good at either ;) God is my shelter and gives me an incredible peace and warmth whenever I call on His name. I know it sounds cliche, but in such a real way He is always there when I need Him. I also love reading a good book, eating pizza and watching movies with my girlfriends laughing until I cry, boogie boarding, and putting on retreats with my youth group. I'm so glad to get to know all of you! God bless you!


  Heather Young~  Writer  

Hi! My name is Heather Young and I have a huge love for animals! I have eight chickens, one dog, and two cats. It's not surprise to anyone that I would love to be a veterinarian! When I'm not with my pets, you can find me reading, taking pictures, or doing some kind of art. Every day, I try to let Jesus' light shine through me, whether it's through my actions or my words. I am continually striving to pray and read my Bible more. My plans for my future are to follow God's leading in my life. I hope to become a veterinarian, get married and own a farm (with lots of horses!), but if God's plan is different, I will be certain to follow His will.

Hogan Stevens~ Writer

Hey! My name is Hogan Stevens and I have had a passion for writing ever since I was young! I enjoy writing books! I believe that writing is a great way to unleash my imagination, while weaving my love for God throughout the story. I also have a great love for foreign languages. I love how every language has its own complex beauty. One of my goals is to learn French and German, as well as travel to Europe. I feel that God is everywhere in my life. He has given me such wonderful parents and a best friend who is like a sister. God has given me SO MANY gifts, I hardly know what to do with them! When I study God's Word, I like to be alone with Him. Sometimes, I'll go outside, just to observe His beauty. I think it is important to just slow down and let His presence surround me. After high school, I plan to go to college and let God lead me in the right direction.

Mikayla McMahen~ Fashion and Beauty Writer

 Hi! I'm Mikayla and I'm 14 (almost 15) a sophomore and homeschooled. I'm without a doubt a total jesus freak! I live in Louisville Ky and I love reading, drawing, and anything that has to do with music!

Abigail Massung~ Writer

I'm currently finishing up my freshman year at a local community college while making plans to transfer to a state college in the fall. There I'll be pursuing a unique degree in writing which will help me expand both my creative and technical writing skills. My life plans after college are to write positive things for teens and work one-on-one with them within a church or organization of some sort. God has given me plenty to overcome in life and more than once I've wondered why. However, He's showing me that He's using my trials to enable me to reach out to others. As some may know, I've written for Lilies before, but this time I'm coming back with a renewed sense of purpose and a determination to finally give God my all. Ever want to talk? Friend me on Facebook or send me an email: a.noel1021@gmail.com