Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Movie Character Costumes~ Kari Willinger

I can't believe Christmas time is already here! I am so happy, I love Christmas! So, since I love Christmas so much I thought I would give yall something fun to do. The thing I thought would be fun is dressing up as your favorite Christmas characters. Some of my favorite Characters are Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Mary, Mrs. Claus, Grinch (yes I know hes a guy but hey you can dress up like him too), Sally from A Nightmare before Christmas, An Angel, and of course a cute little reindeer ;)
Cindy Lou Who
For Cindy Lou Who I dont think its really that complicated. First, if you have bangs like she does then this would be the perfect costume for you. The first thing you would need to do is get a cup, yes a cup, but only a small one like what maybe a little kid would use. Then you want to put this on your head and pull all of your hair up arould it and tie it at the top. This will make your hair stand up the interesting way it does in the movie. Then you can curl the ends for added effect. Next you want to buy two fake braids the color of your hair and pint them to the side of your head and drag the ends up and clip them to right under the edge of the cup and curl those ends. If you do this you should have made a fairly cute Cindy Lou Who hair style. The clothes are even easier all you need is a red cape with white fur in the hood, a christmassy dress, and red and green tights. This will make you the cutiest Cindy Lou Who.
Mrs. Claus
Mrs. Claus is a classic Female Christmas character. To dress up like Mrs. Claus should be easy if you have red and white clothes in your closet. First find a red dress, skirt or suit. Then take a white blouse (the more frillier the better). If you have any kind of black boots they will work but lace up ankle boots would be perfect. If you have a white frilly apron this will make the outfit very authentic and you can sew a cute phrase on it like "My heart belongs to santa" . The last thing you will need is a white wig or a powder to color your hair and put it in a bun. After you do all of this you are ready to go. Of course you can always add a red cape or black leather gloves and that would always be really cute but you dont have to have those.
For Sally all you need to do is get a dress you dont really care about and a bunch of different kinds of patterns and fabrics. Then you just sew the fabrics all of the dress to create Sallys dress in the movie. Then put some kind of bluish-white make up in your face and use eyeliner to draw stitches all across your body. The orange hair you can either use a semi permanent dye or just buy a wig.
Now everyone needs a reindeer, but heres how to make a cute little reindeer ;). Get an antler headband, preferably with jingle bells on it, and put your hair in two high buns. The Buns can look a little like their ears haha. Then you can get a cute tail and just pin it to the back of some brown shorts. Wear a brown shirt or sweater with black gloves and boots to represent the hooves. After that your done. I think this has to be one of the easiest and cutest outfits. Of course, feel free to add your own style and accessories if you think of any.
To dress like Mary the Mother of Jesus is not difficult you just need to have certain items. First dress in a white dress or a white night gown. Then take a blue hooded bathrobe and put that on over the dress (Blue is the color most depicted in pictures of Mary and it will make you easily recognizable). Then take a brown strip of fabric and tie that around your waist.
I definitly like this costume and i think it is very easy and managable.
Now to be an Angel you can either dress in white and pink or pure white. I think an Angel is more pure white so thats what I am going with. First you need to get a white dress or night gown white tights and white ballet slippers. This will be your Angel outfit. Next we need to make the wings. All you need is a pair of white panty hose, thin wire, and duct tape. First arrange the wire into a figure 8 whatever size you want. Both sides of the 8 will be a wing. Duct tape any stray wire so it wont be sticking out and duct tape the middle together. Then you can start shaping the wings anyway you like, after that you can spread the panty hose over the wings, 1 leg for each wing. Tuck in the excess hose at the middle. After you have all of that done you can decorate your wings with glitter and things like that. To attach the wings take a silver or gold sash and tie the sash around the middle of the wings to around your wast. The last thing you will need is a halo. For the halo you can take the same wire you used for the wings and make it twice as long as the actual halo, then you take the extra length section and twist it around the regular one so its a twist then place it on your head and BAM beautiful Haloness ;) (look I just made up a word haha Haloness).
Did you know that Kari hates Glee?!

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