Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SOAPing Up~ Abigail Massung

What you need:
~Bible (study Bible with notes preferred)
~Notebook or paper
~Pen or pencil

  I recently learned about a Bible study method known as SOAP (Study, Observe, Apply, Pray). The first time I ever did it was in a small group. Instantly, I fell in love with it. Some of you may already be familiar with this study type, but for those of you who don’t know about it, here’s how it works.
  First, you have to pick a passage from a Bible that you want to study. The passage can be one you or your group thinks about beforehand or it could be one chosen at random. It works either way. Next, you read the chosen passage. After that, look over it again and decide on a part you find interesting and want to focus in on. Grab your pen and paper to write down your chosen verse(s) and your thoughts about what you chose along with how you could apply it to your life. Afterwards, pray or write out a prayer about it.

  If you’re doing this as a small group (which I recommend), you could take turns discussing what you chose to focus in on and your thoughts on it. Although I’m not a big sharer myself, I do really love this part because it deepens the lessons you can learn from the whole experience. Even if you don’t share yourself, you can really gain quite a bit by listening to the thoughts and perspectives of others.

  SOAP is a fun, refreshing Bible study that can have many or only a few people, and last only as long as you want. So, if you’re just interested in a quick study by yourself before work or a big group study at camp or something, it’s perfect. It gives you a moment to slow down, zone in on God, and step away from everything. So why not try it out this school year? It’ll probably be the most refreshing soap you’ll ever use!