Saturday, January 1, 2011

Interview with Set Apart Blog and Pure Style Magazine


I, Haylie, had the privilege to interview Grace, the editor and designer of Set Apart Blog and Pure Style Magazine, and sponsor of LAT. I encourage you to read about these two great blogs and follow them!

1) Tell us a little bit about Set Apart.
 Set-Apart for Her King is a blog about fashion, godly relationships, book and movie reviews, and anything that helps teen girls grow closer to Jesus! I want to offer encouragement to other like-minded girls who long to live a set-apart life.

2) What inspired you to start this blog?
 First of all, I love writing, especially about ways to improve my relationship with God! Secondly, it discouraged me when I saw many Christian girls living a luke-warm Christian life (watching sexual movies, listening to raunchy music) and I really wanted to encourage them to live a poured out life for Christ. Now please understand, I'm guilty of living a luke-warm Christian life too! No one is perfect, but I'm striving, with my Saviors help, to life a selfless life for His glory.

3) Was it hard to get it going?
At first, yes. Sometimes I would put an hour or so into an inspiring post and no one would respond or comment. After a month of writing on my blog, I only had about 5 followers that was discouraging as well. Later, I found that commenting on other peoples blog posts and leaving a link to my blog helped advertise and get more followers.

4) Tell us about Pure Style.
I love dressing fashionably, it's just so much fun! About a year ago, I started frequently flipping through Seventeen Magazine at my library. I enjoyed the fashion columns and I'll admit, I also enjoyed the gossip columns. After I read Seventeen though, I felt like I had filled my brain with trash. God then showed me that being His princess meant fleeing from evil, not getting as close as you can without technically sinning. Skimming through Seventeen might not be a sin, but does it draw my heart closer to God? No, quite the opposite.
I still love to dress fashionably and modestly, but with all the skimpy styles out there, I really longed to give girls who wanted to dress the same way a wholesome fashion magazine. One that, instead of filling their brains with junk, would draw them closer to Jesus Christ! So here we have it, Pure Style! A Christian modest fashion magazine about modest fashion, make-up advice that enhances your God-given beauty and tips on relating to guys in a way that glorify God!

5) Was it hard finding writers for it?
Surprisingly, not as hard as I thought. I advertised on the Susie Online Sisterhood ( and got an overwhelming response from girls who wanted to help me write and photograph!

6) What do you have in store of Pure Style?
Hopefully in the future (possibly this spring!) I would love to partner with LAT and host a modest online fashion show!

7) What exciting things can we look forward to with Set Apart and Pure Style?
I've been so busy with Pure Style lately that I've been neglecting Set-Apart! The busy part of starting Pure Style (designing the website, interviewing for staff positions, etc.) is pretty much over, so I can now focus on actually writing! I'm hoping that girls will continue to subscribe to Pure Style (we have 30 subscribers and counting!) and that through this magazine, we will be able to glorify God! I'm praying that through both the blog and the magazine, that I can help girls discover the higher standard God has for them and how much of a blessing it is to truly be set-apart and not of this world!

8) What is the top thing on your Christmas list?
Ohhh that would probably be new camera! My camera broke last year and I've missed photography!

9) What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
Every year my mom makes homemade cinnamon roles on Christmas morning! Mmm they're so good, haha!

10) If you could give every girl who reads this something for Christmas, what would it be?
Probably Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy. Out of all her books, Authentic Beauty was my favorite because Leslie is such a good example of how a poured out, selfless life, devoted to Christ should look like! She gives us practical ways to give our feminine heart true, everlasting fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

Pure Style Magazine does not premiere until January 2011, but I encourage you to subscribe to it!
Thank you, Grace, for doing this interview with us! We can't wait to do an activity with you!

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