Thursday, October 21, 2010

Francesca Battistelli "My Paper Heart"~ In Our Headphones~ Music Review by Michelle Pell

My Paper Heart-Francesca Battistelli
This CD brings a fresh, upbeat feel to contemporary Christian music that I think much of today’s music is lacking. Francesca has positive lyrics, rhythm that gets stuck in your head, and important messages filling her songs.
When Francesca was only six years old she knew what she wanted to be: a singer. After going to see the Broadway show “The Secret Garden,” she had made up her mind.
Her dad was an assistant conductor for the national tour of “The King and I,” and her mom played Anna, the show’s female lead.
Francesca knew the road to theater fame wouldn’t be easy, but with one goal in mind she worked hard. Instead of signing up for sports or other after-school clubs, she filled her time with dance lessons and theater training classes.
When she was 15, she became part of an all-girl mainstream pop group in Orlando, an experience that helped pave the way for what she does today. She says it tied together two things she loved to do together: signing and dancing.
After the group split, Francesca felt she needed time to clear her head. She joined a youth ministry, and she says, “It was there that the Lord captured my heart for Christian music.” She started playing guitar and writing.

In this, her debut album, she shares the importance of following God’s will for your life, the fragility of a human heart, and accepting yourself as you are.
***my favorites

1. Free To Be Me***
In this song she says that even though we go through rough times, and we’re not always perfect, God loves us no matter what, and we are “Free To Be Me.”
2. I’m Letting Go***
As soon as the first notes in this song are played, you find yourself tapping your foot along to the fast-paced tune.
The story behind this song is that when she was 22, she decided to completely let go of every thing and give it to God.
3. Unpredictable
Even though we may think we have everything figured out, God can intervene at any moment and show us, once again, that he alone is in control.
4. My Paper Heart***
The name sake for her album, Francesca depicts how frail a human heart is, and that even though our hearts may break, God comes along and mends them and makes them whole again.
5. Beautiful, Beautiful***
When God steps into our lives, even though we feel like we’re worthless, He will make it beautiful.
I find myself continually getting this song stuck in my head; the haunting lyrics, I just can’t seem to forget
6. Blue Sky
She writes this song from the point of view of Jesus. Wherever we are, whatever we’re going through, no matter what we feel, when we open up and let Jesus in, His love will become our blue sky.
7. Forever Love***
This is one on the true worship song on the CD. Francesca is basically singing directly to God, and telling Him that He will be her Forever Love. I love it.
8. Someday Soon***
This is somewhat like a love song to her future husband. She tells him that she’s waiting and that she believes that someday soon she will be his.
9. Behind The Scenes
In this song Francesca expresses the feeling that I think a lot of us have all the time. That is, people don’t see what really is going on in your life, and that if they would only try, they could see a lot more.
10. It’s Your Life***
“It’s your life/ whatcha gonna do?/” That’s one of the lines of one of the most well known songs of the album. Your life is here, now. Are you gonna live for Jesus, or be a lukewarm Christian?
11. Time In Between***
In this, another worship song, Francesca tells God that it is the time in between His birth and His death the truly amazes her.

I love this album, and I believe that it is a must-have on your iPod. When you’re feeling down, hopeless, or faithless, her music lifts your spirits and reminds you that there is indeed hope.
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  1. I love the songs that play on the radio!I had Free To Be Me(not any more though with an unfortunate accident in which I deleted everything on my ipod).Sierra