Friday, October 8, 2010

Through Waters Roar~ On Our Nightstand~ Book Review by Michelle Pell

Through Waters Roar by Lynn Austin

This book follows three generations. It takes place during the Civil War on through World War I. The faith in God the characters have and their strong personality, captivates you as you read. The book starts with the third generation, a girl, who, while siting in a jail cell, remembers all the stories her mother and grandmother told her about their childhood. All while trying to figure out how she landed herself in jail in the first place. She remembers how her grandmother told her stories about her great-grandmother and how she broke the law and showed great courage hiding slaves and being a part of the underground railroad during the Civil War. She remembers how fervently her grandmother fought for the prohibition of alcohol in the United States, and how her mothers worked hard for the suffrages' cause. This book gives you a first hand look into the lives of woken of that day, and you see how greatly the duties and expectations of women have changed.

Here is the description from the back of the book...

Harriet Sherwood has always adored her grandmother. But when Harriets decided to follow in her grandmother's independent footsteps, she certainly never expected to follow them to jail! Nor did she expect her childhood enemy and notorious school bully, Tommy O'Reilly to be the arresting officer.

Languishing in a jail cell, Harriet has plenty of time to sift through the memories of three generations of women who have preceded her. As each story emerges, the strength of her family--and their deep faith in the God of justice an righteousness--brings Harriet to the discovery of her own goals and motives for pursuing them.

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  1. I started reading this and I LOVE it so far! Thanks for your great recommendation! :) God bless you!
    :) Nadia