Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Hair for a New (Looking) You!~ A Beauty Article by Madeline Hunt

Changing your hair routine is not hard but can take a little extra work. A new hairstyle can brighten any outfit, while having the same one everyday is boring.  Taking good care of your hair is a must since healthy hair is the foundation for every hairstyle.

 Unless you have really oily hair, don’t wash your hair every day. If you are a curly girly like me my stylist recommends washing only once to twice a week. For you curly girls who are thinking Yuck! My hair would be so gross if I only washed it once or twice a week. Believe me I was skeptical at first but my hair looks a lot better, and I still shower and rinse my hair everyday so my products to get washed out on a daily basis.
There are many simple hairstyles you can try to change up your look. Here are some ideas you could try.


  • Try a mini braid starting at your part. ( French looks best but normal braid work as well)
  • Try a French braid in the back or one on the side. If you don’t know how to French braid, look up videos on you tube on how to french braid. 
  • Loose low pigtail braids are really cute and simple.
 This picture is an example of a type of french braid you can do. This one is a long, loose french braid.


  • Curly ponys are super cute! If you don’t have naturally curly hair, curl your hair after you put it up
  • Try a half up pony. This style looks good with all hair types, though it is easier to do with straight hair


  • A loose messy bun on the middle of the back of your head is so cute and perfect for when you’re having a not so good hair day. If you can’t get it to stay with just bobby pins try putting it up when your hair is slightly damp.
  • A polished low side bun is a great style for going out.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try headbands, bows and clips to add extra flair to your style.
  • Just before you get out of the shower rinse your hair with cold water- this makes it shiny.
  • Use serum to smooth frizz and create a polished look. (This can be purchased at your local drugstore)
  • Don’t straighten, curl, or blow-dry your hair every day if you can help it.
  • Have fun creating a fabulously, fun new look!

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  1. definitely going to be looking up how to do the messy bun for sure, and i might try only washing my hair a couple times a week too. my hair isn't super curly but we'll see what happens.

    good job :D