Friday, July 8, 2011

"Answering the Guy Questions" by Leslie Ludy ~ Book Review by Michelle Pell

Leslie Ludy is a best -selling author and along with her husband has authored more than a dozen books. She is one of my personal favorites because of the way she writes in a direct way without beating around the bush.

"Answering the Guy Questions" takes an in-depth look at how a typical "modern man" lives and acts in contrast to how a "Christ-built warrior poet" lives his life.

Leslie gives every girl reading her book practical ways to become a heroic women of God while shaping men into princes, how to help guys rise above sexual sin, and guidance for treating guys in everyday life.

Ludy packs the book with hard hitting truths and relevant Scriptures that inspire you and spur you on.

This book helps you believe that there is a Christ-built man for you, reaffirms the desire to wait and save everything you have for him, and reassures you that your standards are not too high.

Using her personal story as an example, Leslie is able to deliver the truth that waiting for the man God has for you is the best way to be assured of a truly romantic, wonderful, long-lasting love story of your own.


  1. Wow i just love Lesie Ludy...i really like her book Authentic Beauty, could you do a review about that book :)

  2. i LOOOOVE this book!!!! It really helped me understand what to look for in a guy :)