Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Are the Bands Up Too? ~ Rachel Melillo

Tobymac – Having recently returned from a ten-day tour in Europe, Tobymac is performing in various cities in the United States and in Canada a few times. Also, if you haven't gotten his latest CD Tonight or bought his book City On Our Knees, make sure you pick up a copy at your closest Christian retail store or at his website. Check out his website— –for more details.

Chris Tomlin – He'll be visiting the East Coast for a couple of music festivals in August, taking a break for September, and then in October he'll be touring around the mid-west and then heading south to Texas, Florida, and Arkansas. He has a new worship song out, “I Lift My Hands.” Check it out and see his website for more details on what he's been up to.

Skillet – Right now they're on the West coast and they'll be making their way across the country to the East coast before zipping back over to the west again! They have a new song out, so be sure and check it out. Also, head over to their website for featured videos and more news to come.

Peter Furler – Former vocalist for the hit Christian band “Newsboys”, Peter Furler has recently released a solo album. Not only is Peter pursuing a solo career in music, he's also venturing in a different artistic direction—painting! See his website for hand painted drum top paintings and canvas paintings.

Group 1 Crew – They're on their summer tour and are hitting cities in Texas, Minnesota, Michigan, Florida, Indiana, and more. Check out their website to see if they'll be near you. And while you're there, check out their gear, blog updates, new music and videos.
As you're heading back to school, note that many bands are having 'back-to-school' sales! As you're thinking of what you want to add to your clothing section, consider getting a new t-shirt, bag, or bracelet from your favorite band.

Did you know that Rachel is physically incapably of sleeping past 8?!

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