Friday, September 16, 2011

Paperdoll by Natalie Lloyd~ Review by Michelle Pell

Rating: ***** (perfect book for a girls Bible study)

We've all heard the story of the woman at the well in the Bible. Jesus meets this woman at a well in Samaria, asks for a drink, but ends up giving her living water in return. That's it, right? Wrong. Did you know, there is so much more to that story?

In the process of uncovering the message, hidden in the story of the woman at the well, Natalie Lloyd shows how the Samaritan woman's story is very similar to a lot of ours. Everywhere we look we see the faces of "perfect girls," and, maybe without even realizing it, we feel pressured to become that girl. One who never makes any mistakes, always a big smile plastered on her face, never letting anyone see the real girl.

By taking apart the chapter piece by piece, Natalie unveils the truth found in John 4, the truth of God's unfailing love. The kind of love strong enough to break down the barriers we build around us. Love deep enough to unveil all the broken hearts, longing for true love, hidden behind paperdoll smiles.

Lloyd tells of the incredible love, acceptance, joy, and peace found thru throwing aside our "perfect" masks and surrendering fully to God's guidance and direction in our life. She shows that when an ordinary girl fills up on the extraordinary love of God, unforgettable thugs begin to happen. Care to come along for the ride? Or better yet, fill up on the extraordinary love yourself?

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