Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cleaning for a Reason

What they do:

Cleaning for a Reason partners with maid services to provide professional free cleaning for women undergoing cancer - any type of cancer.
Women hate not being able to clean, I know whenever my mom has had surgery, the worse thing for her is having to lie around and wait. Her house needs her! J

What patients are saying: “This service is so special and helpful to those of us who are losing heart and hope through no fault of our own. Just looking at my sparkling, dust-free home was enough to make me feel like my old self again!”

“I want to thank you for this incredible blessing. I cried and hugged the women who came to help me…it is a huge burden lifted. Words cannot express how grateful I am. They did an amazing job!”

“I am a single mother of two young children, ages 8 and 11. My recent diagnosis of cancer and the upcoming chemo and radiation was a devastating blow to all three of us. One of my main concerns was how I would continue to be the type of mom I've always been, and have the energy to maintain all the other issues of being a homeowner. I've had friends step forward and offer to do my spring gardening, bring/purchase meals, mowing/trimming/fertilizer but I knew I just couldn't possibly keep up with the cleaning. And then my friend John told me about you; what a Godsend! Truly, you are a blessing to the many women who are dealing with just these same issues. This organization is a wonderful gift to those of us who struggle just to make it through each day, and still have the energy to be the best possible Momma we can be. God bless you all!”

What a blessing! I can imagine all the moms and wives and single women crying and laughing and all the “thank-yous” going round!

This, out of many organizations for cancer patients, is probably my favorite so far - there are many different ways to ‘fund the relief of cancer’, but this one is the most creative!

What you can do:

Do you own a cleaning service? (Smiling) Or maybe you’re a maid for a cleaning service - you can help! If you own a cleaning service, fill out an application for Cleaning for a Reason at their website. You can help women in your area. Tell your boss about this service - get the word out there, and maybe you’ll be able to actually do a cleaning job for someone who needs a lift.

You can also donate to this service, in different ways. You can make a simple donation or you can sponsor a maid service - gifts run from 30 dollars a month; helping 2 patients, or up to 150 dollars a month helping 10 patients!

Do you know a woman battling cancer? You can sign her up!

This service is really ‘hands and feet-y” if you know what I mean. Consider the ways God could use you through…well, cleaning! J

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