Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Fashion 2011~ Renee Arnold

Tis the season when our shorts and tank tops get tucked away and we start thinking about jeans and boots. You may be wondering,  "What is in style and what the best ways are to wear them so they are modest and remain stylish?" Here are the top 10 fall fashion trends and the lowdown on how to wear them!
1. Polka dots is a playful pattern, usually forgotten about because we think it looks too childish. Spotted fashion can be seen on runways everywhere, this season. It can be worn on pretty much anything! Since this trend is not clothing item specific, there are no real guidelines to what is modest.
2. This is one modest trend that I have seen all over my high school so far, maxi skirts. These long, flowy skirts come in a variety of colors and patterns and are all a very modest length. It's nice to see such feminine fashion coming back in style! I would just be careful that your skirt isn't sheer. Stand in front of natural light and look in the mirror to make sure you can't make out the shape of your thighs, through the skirt. Obviously, the first two ladies in the picture could have picked a more modest top, but their skirts are all very beautiful!
3. Another trend, still going strong from last school, year is lace. There are lace accents on a lot of shirts and the bottom of skirts to give them a classy look. This trend is modest, as long as you don't count on the lace alone to cover skin. In other words, wear a tank top under sheer lace tops and make sure the cloth part of your skirt comes to about fingertip length, before the lace starts. Lace simply doesn't cover what basic fabric does.
4. Jewelry isn't something I usually cover in fashion articles, but I didn't want to leave choker necklaces unmentioned. Chokers are a great accessory to go along with your homecoming dress this year, because they are very elegant and draw attention back up to your face.
5. Plaid is still going strong! Plaid is a great, casual pattern that looks amazing on tops, scarves, shoes and even headbands! It comes in all colors and sizes, so there's always something different in stores that is unique and can be worn new ways.
6. Oriental fashion has been all over the runways this season. Categorized by flowing kimono dresses, blossoms, and fluttering orchids, there are many beautiful ways to wear this trend. Again, it's hard to give modesty specifics because it's such a broad trend. Remember to pray about your standards and ask mature Christians for their input as well!
7. Pleats can be soft or edgy, depending on how you wear it! Pleats are generally thought to be unflattering because they draw attention to your midsection, but if you find one that fits just right, they can actually be extremely flattering on any body type. Generally, pleated skirts are made short. A good way to make sure your skirt is long enough, is to put your arms down at your sides and see if it reached the bottom of your fingertips. Also, bend down in front of a mirror and make sure you won't be flashing anyone when you bend over!
8. While skinny jeans are still going strong and holding their own in the fashion scene, 70's inspired looks, like bell-bottom jeans, are making a comeback. These super-flared denim numbers are very comfortable, versatile, and available in many washes and styles. Some bell-bottom jeans are distressed, so make sure you inspect them to make sure there aren't any open holes in places you don't feel comfortable exposing.
9. Ankle boots are another footwear trend continuing it's long reign as a top fall, footwear must-have. If you like fur or leather, ankle boots will look adorable with a variety of outfits. Wear a fur boot tucked into skinny jeans with a comfy sweater for a casual, going to school look or, wear leather boots with dress pants and a colorful blouse for a dressier statement. The black boots below are available at one of my favorite stores, Maurices for $49!
Madden Girl® Virtual Buckle Wedge - maurices.com
10. Last, but not least, and certainly the brightest fashion trend this season, is neon colored pants. This is a bold trend to try if you're looking for fresh ways to break out of the boring, denim cycle and try something new and exciting.
I hope this article has been beneficial in your quest for a modest, fashion forward fall wardrobe! Remember to pray about your standards with God and ask a mature Christian parent, friend, brother or sister for advice if you're unsure. Have a great fall season!

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