Friday, October 14, 2011

For Those Who Wait~ Fireflight

Fireflight is the true definition of Christian rock band. Hard beats, loud, strong voice, prominent electric guitar, but with solid wholesome lyrics that truly inspire the listener to “rock out.” Lead singer, Dawn Michele, makes hard rock actually sound beautiful, which in my eyes, gains her great respect. “This album is filled with even more personal stories of our own, our families’, friends’, and our fans’,” relates Dawn, who, along with Justin Cox (guitarist/support vocalist), writes the band’s lyrics. “It’s our lives, our hearts, and our pain just poured out. We worked to take the things that we struggled through and faced to leave a trail of bread crumbs, in hopes that other people would be able to see what we went through and find hopein that.” *

A Florida based band, Fireflight has been nominated for the Grammy’s along with Artist of the Year with several major single hits, and their songs have been used on NBC and ABC
This third hit of Fireflight was preceded by two equally popluar albums, Healing of Harms and Unbreakable.

I wouldn’t really call myself a fan of Christian rock, or rock in general for that matter. But I found my self truly enjoying reviewing the album. I would tell you not to be turned off by the “rock” title but try them out and your might, like me, find out a new favorite band for yourself
1. For Those Who Wait (Single)
The title track of this album is about those who have gone who unspeakable tragedy are actually the ones who God’s has strengthened the most and who have the strongest character.
2. Desperate (Single)
This song is about how even when you feel that you’re at the end of your rope and there’s nothing left, that’s when you discover the True Hope.
3. Fire in My Eyes
Dawn, lead singer, literally cries out to Jesus to come in be the fire in her eyes, all that she’s living for.
4. Core of My Addiction
A song about Jesus being the center of our lives, the drive of our hearts and ultimately the “core of our addiction.
5. What I’ve Overcome (Single)
The singer sings about now being defined by what she done, or failed to do, but what she’s overcome.
Before we know Jesus we are defined by our sins. But when we’re made new in Him we are only seen for what He is in us.

6. Name
A lot slower, this song depicts the story of different patients in a hotel room, and while it might seem like no one else can imagine what those people are going through, Jesus can. “He sees you, He’s near you, He knows your face, He knows your pain, He knows your Name.”
7. New Perspective
While reaching out to others and giving of yourself to the poorer, you obtain a new perspective of others and who you truly are.
8. You Give Me That Feeling
The lead singer sings about how Jesus (You) gives her that feeling of wanting to come undone before Him and all His glory.
9. All I Need To Be (Single)
A song about how Jesus has made us all we need to be, and with His help we can continue to become more like Him.
10. Recovery Begins
In this song the singers vocal are more prominent as she encourages that small voice inside to speak.
*taken from Band’s website

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  1. I LOVE this album. Fireflight is a solid band. Great music. :)