Friday, November 4, 2011

Not Myself Anymore ~ Jessa Anderson

Jessa Anderson grew up singing in none other than my own home church. She was very involved in the choir and youth band. That love for singing and worshipping her Savior has blossomed into something spectacular. She has two independently released albums, Fundamentally Broken and Not Myself Anymore. When her second independent album fell into some hands someone at BEC Recordings, the label liked the album so much that, apart from a few tweaks and new album cover, they never had to re-record a single song. Jessa is just THAT good! Her voice is very clean sounding. You can tell it comes from deep within and she has true gift. Jessa’s voice reflects the style of Sara Groves and Nicole Nordemen, but with a musical twist all her own.

Jessa Anderson’s second album contains multiple songs that are about issues very close to her own heart. In her freshman year of college, Jessa was struggling with an eating disorder, something about her life she doesn’t toss around lightly. “I got to a place where I knew I could either choose my relationship with God, or I could choose to go down a path that was really going to destroy my life,” she says. Jessa made the decision to follow God’s calling on her life.

Jessa is married to a man named Jordan, who does back up vocal on her albums. Together they have a beautiful daughter named Lorelei, inspired by a character in Gilmore Girls. I approve J

Jessa sings about the glory of Jesus and the amazement she experiences when she’s caught up in the light of Christ.
2. Worship the Lamb
Jessa starts out singing about her longing to bring a new song to God and her ardent worship, but she ends the song with the revelation that everything we do gives Him worship, but nothing we do could outweigh the “the splendor of our glorious king.” At our best we are merely a breath for Him.

3. Not What I Thought
A song about how God isn’t always like the idea we have of Him in our head. When Jessa had the revelation that God’s not what we think, it inspired this radio single.
4. Not Myself Anymore
This title track is about a broken relationship but Jessa says this song holds double meaning. As we live life we go through trials and periods that develop who we are as a follower of Christ. When God uses those situations to define us and change us to be like Him, we realize we’re not ourselves anymore.
5. Everybody Has Those Days
A happy, light-hearted song, because as Jessa says “I’m seriously having one of those days all the time!” But she doesn’t forget the important message that being a Christian doesn’t mean we’re perfect; it means God is a gracious God and always good.

6. I Don’t Know
Jessa sings about the struggle with finding her true identity, and the need to always hide and never let others see who she is.
7. Return
A song of redemption, Jessa urges the listener to give up all they been holding dear for the cause of Christ, and ultimately return to Him.
8. Moving On
She sings that we all take chances on big dreams, get underestimated, make mistakes and have hardships but no matter what “we just gotta keep moving on.”
9. Offering
Jessa sings about the amazing grace Christ bestowed on her through all the troubling times. The chorus is an anthem to Jesus, that although she has little, all she does have is His. She gives it up as and offering to Him.
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  1. She sounds awesome. :) And their daughters name? So sweet! :) My aunt and uncle were thinking of naming their daughter after Lorelei on Gilmore Girls. :)