Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Without You~ Lauren K

Two left that day.
Two bells rang, and my angels flew away.
It's almost Christmas night, but, unlike you,
my heart can't take flight.
It won't be the same without you here.
I'll remember you, and somehow make you appear.
You're celebrating in your own way now;
I'll see you again—
just not right now.
Well, I must go and find some Christmas cheer.
But don't worry, I'll find it when I remember you so clear.
About the Author!

Lauren is a teen girl living for the Lord! She loves turtle lattes, traveling, and watching info-mercials! She loves watching Disney movies and singing Christmas songs all year long. Through all of her life experiences (good and bad), God has never left her side, and she believes that nothing is too big for God! She wants to become a psychologist one day but is excited to see what other plans God has in store for her life!

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