Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Must Have Beauty Items

For you girls in the market for new beauty products this winter season because you're bored with the same old, same old, I have some new products that I highly recommend.
First, Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo. You've most likely seen the ads featuring the cute purple kangaroo and the girls with crazy frizzy hair and club dresses. Aussie products are not just for styling, as their ads may lead you to believe. They have a fabulous line of corresponding shampoo's and condition's that hydrate and give volume to your hair. With winter upon us, we all know our hair could use a little tlc.
Second of all, if you are searching for a mega eye shadow palatte that gives you every single color imaginable that goes with any outfit you can put together in your closet you should go looking for the E.L.F Endless Eyes Pro. It features about 100 colors in many different shades and sparkle levels. The even better news, you can buy it for only $10 at Target! That's an amazing deal considering all the shades you get!
Lastly, if your nails need some color this Christmas season, look for Wet and Wild nail polish. Again very affordable at about $5 a bottle. Compare that to designer bottles that can be almost $30! Who is really going to know that your nail polish is from Chanel, no one but you is my guess unless of course you tell them. Wet and Wild has an amazing assortment of colors and they all apply very well. If you don't use it right away though, it gets very clumpy and stringy so plan to use the whole bottle within six months of purchase.
Have a blessed Christmas!!!
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