Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spring Cleaning Tips~ Heather Young

Ever feel defeated by the dust, clutter, and work that come with spring? Believe it or not, you can overcome these seemingly scary circumstances. Using the following tips, you will be done with your spring cleaning in no time!

1. Make a list.

Creating a list can help you stay organized.  Also, you will feel good when you check off completed tasks.

2. Set lots of little goals.

If you try to do a huge project all at once, you will probably become burdened and discouraged.  Instead, make small goals that you can accomplish easily.

3. Work on one assignment at a time.

Don’t overwhelm yourself; stay focused on the task at hand.  And be sure write check marks next to what you have already done!

4. Take breaks.

Short, frequent breaks keep you refreshed and ready to continue working.  I would recommend taking a break at least once every hour, depending on how vigorous the work is.

5. Motivate yourself.

Do what makes you enjoy work! Listening to music is my favorite thing to do while working.  Other activities you may want to try are humming or singing, or keeping tasty snacks handy.  If you must, have someone with you who can keep you accountable and make sure you are really trying.

6. Reward yourself.

Have a prize you can look forward to that will make you want to finish your tasks.  You could reward yourself when you take your short breaks, or wait for a really big award at the end of the day.  Personally, my weakness is food.

See? That wasn’t so hard to read.  Now put these tips into action! (There was my motivation for you.)

Did you know that Heather plays chess?!

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