Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Common Modesty Problems~ Renne Arnold

Every Christian girl concerned with keeping her wardrobe pure knows that even in the midst of winter, there are immodest clothes lining the store shelves. Just because an item of clothing isn't modest right off the rack doesn't mean you have to pass it up. Here are some great tips that can help you turn a revealing article of clothing into your favorite modesty staple.
First, jeans with rips and holes above the thigh are pretty low on the modesty list but that doesn't mean you have to shun all ripped jeans. If you really want a pair of these casual, trendy jeans, buy them a size bigger then usual and wear leggings under them to coordinate with your outfit. This adds a pop of color and covers up your skin.
Next, what do you do when your brand new shirt you just bought at the mall is a little too low but you really don't want to wear a bulky cami underneath? My answer, as strange as it may sound is sports bra's. Sports bra's are generally higher cut and if you find the right kind, they don't look like bra's. You can wear these under a low shirt and get rid of all the bulk of a cami.
Last of all, what about shirts that are too tight and outline your whole figure? Sometimes you can stretch out the shirt before you dry it without ruining it but other times you just need to improvise. Wear the shirt under a jacket or cardigan and only wear it alone around the house. This allows you to maintain modesty and still wear all your favorite shirts.
I hope this has given you some creative new idea's on how to keep you wardrobe in check in the midst of the snow!
Did you know that Renee dances and sings to the radio when she's home alone?!

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