Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Get Snappy!


Over the past few months, Haley and I have been talking about what sort of contests you lovely followers might enjoy doing, so we decided to host our very first photography contest! We are calling it 'Get Snappy!'

This contest will consist of 7 different photography challenges, one for each day of the week. The challenges and days are...

Sunday, April 15th~ Elements of nature (water, wind, earth and/or fire)
Monday, April 16th~ Times of Day (sunrise, morning, evening, afternoon, twilight, sunset, midnight)
Tuesday, April 17th~ Vintage (items, clothing, settings etc…)
Wednesday, April 18th~ Negative (in negative setting)
Thursday, April 19th~ Camera (A camera must be in this picture in anyway)
Friday, April 20th~ Christian (any item that can represent Christianity; cross, Bible, church, person praying etc…)
Saturday, April 21st~ Words (words anywhere; written in chalk on the driveway, written on your hand, written in a journal, pages of a book etc…)

There will be 2 prizes given away to the top 2 contestants. To enter this contest, you simply have to be a follower of Lilies (Facebook, Blogger, or e-mail) and participate in at least 5 of the 7 challenges. If you do not think you can do at least 5, we want to encourage you to participate anyway!!

We will have another post early in April to give more details about the contest!

We all hope that you will enter in this contest!! We are so very excited to see what will happen!!

Much Love,


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