Friday, March 16, 2012

Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury Book Review~ Michelle Pell

Unlocked ~ Karen Kingsbury
4 out of 5

Ella Renoylds feels like her life is complete. Her dad is a major league baseball player, her boyfriend is the star of the high school basketball team, and she just won the lead role in the school play.

But as she witnesses her boyfriend, Jake, cruelly teasing and bullying an autistic kid, Ella realizes her life needs to change. She breaks up with Jake and befriends the autistic boy, named Holden. But she didn’t know that their newfound friendship would blossom into something beautiful. She also didn’t know that Holden already knows her better than anyone, even her mother. All she knew was that there was something familiar in those deeply gorgeous blue eyes.

Through her friendship with Holden, Ella begins to see that her school, Fulton High, needs a drastic transformation. But she doesn’t know where to start.

That is until a horrible tragedy strikes their school and Ella is determined to do something about it. She decides to start with Holden, perfecting their relationship and helping him trust her. Ella resolves to do everything she can to get Holden in to the Spring musical, because she knows he loves music. Ella thinks that if anything will get through to Holden it’s music.
Together, Ella and Holden will discover that true love and acceptance can break through any barriers. Even the seemingly unbreakable barriers of autism.

Did you know that Michelle loves French Vanilla Lattes?!

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