Monday, May 28, 2012

How to Draw Rapunzel~ Hogan Stevens

**I use two different pencils: HB for the start, and then 2B when finishing the look.**
First, start with a circle. Make sure you use the HB pencil for starting out because the led is softer and therefore erases easily.
Now let's draw a rough outline of her jaw and chin...Her face will be turned slightly, so her chin will be more to the left. Leave the ear off for now. We'll get to that in a bit.
Sketch in her eyes. They sort of resemble orange peels, right? The one on the left will be slightly higher than the other, though they are pretty much the same in appearance.
Go ahead and fill in the eyes, drawing the pupils quite large. Make notice just how the orbs of her eyes are positioned.
Also, darken the upper lash line.
Add some eyelids just above her lashes. Now, notice I've also added a vertical line, which is in the middle of the face and curves from her forehead toward her chin, though it stops just below her nose. The horizontal line at the bottom of this vertical one helps me estimate where I'll put her lips in a bit.
When drawing the nose, make sure your strokes are gentle. Don't try to draw in the whole nose--with nostrils and tip and everything. Just adding the hint of an outline is all you need.
Now for the mouth. Starting at that line we used to indicate the position of her top lip, go ahead and sketch that in. The right will curve longer than the other and move slightly upwards. After you're satisfied with the top, fill in the bottom lip. Rapunzel will be smiling in this drawing, so her lips will be parted to reveal some of her teeth.
Instead of attempting to draw the teeth themselves, simply darken the shadowed area of her mouth, leaving white the parts that indicate her teeth.
Once you're finished with that, you can go ahead and erase your helping lines for the mouth and nose. I went ahead and drew a very faint line on her forehead to indicate where her eyebrows should go, and then I carefully drew them both in. Her left brow will be slightly obscured by a lock of hair, so go ahead and quickly sketch that in for later. Notice at the very top of the forhead where the hair starts from.
Go ahead and finish what you've started and draw in the other swoop of hair at the right, erasing the last of the circle. The right swoosh of hair goes down to cover her ear, which you can now draw in, connecting it with her jaw.
Finish up the hair. Rapunzel's hair is very flowy and long, so we'll try our best to convey that here.
I've sort of started on her neck and shoulders...
...and now I've gone ahead and drawn them out. Her gown has a bit of lace about the collar, and her shoulders and rounded.
That's pretty much it! Now, take your darker 2B pencil and begin the process of darkening her lines. Go boldly over your lines, erasing any of the mistakes you made earlier, and shade in her eyes and mouth nicely.
There you go! My version isn't a perfect replica by far, but at least you can tell who it is!
It's Rapunzel. :]
Did you know that Hogan doesn't like roller skating?!

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