Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Keith Green Ministries~ Emily Ciszewski

Not too many people know who Keith Green is anymore, but if you do recognize the name you probably think of the guy who played the piano rather loudly and spoke even louder. Keith was no ordinary guy. One of his greatest quotes is this, “This generation of believers is responsible for this generation of souls.” Are you taking responsibility?
Here’s a great ministry you can stand by - and fulfill Jesus’ call to preach the gospel.
Want to read his story? Melody, his wife, wrote a whole book on their life! Here’s a link:
Keith and Melody started doing God’s work in 1975 - right out of their own home! They began housing friends, new believers - with them. They knew the best way to keep people growing in their faith was to be their for them, teaching them, daily. And what better way then to have them living with them? Soon they were renting home after home near them and meeting for Bible studies regularly. This launched Last Days Ministries, they chose this name because they realized the end of the earth is near and there are people to be saved.
They were going house to house asking their neighbors for prayer requests, sharing the gospel, and inviting random strangers to have meals with them.
The Newsletter After a concert Keith asked the crowd how many of them wanted a copy of his coming album, and 6,000 signed up. He wanted to get into their hearts and minds somehow, so he sent a newsletter along with each CD that was sent out. The Newsletter was born. You can still receive this newsletter by email with this link; The OrphanageIn 1982 Keith and his son Josiah and daughter Bethany, died in a plane accident on a sticky July evening.
Later on, still fulfilling what her and Keith had started,
Melody began an orphanage in Mexico. She called it “Josiah and Bethany Children’s Home. Her and Keith and Josiah had visited Mexico before and seen devastation and hungry children on the streets. A seed was planted in Melody’s heart and when Keith died - that seed came to life.
There are so many outlets in Last Days Ministries - you can give your time and energy and get involved, or if you can’t help in word or deed, you can give money!
They are currently making a movie of Keith’s life - I’m sure monetary gifts and prayer would be appreciated!
Thanks for reading my ramblings!
AAA Pro LifeStanding for Americans Against Abortion, AAA Pro Life.
Melody began fighting abortion in 1981. This became a big part LDM and many of the funds began to go toward stopping this.
Want to read Melody’s famous and eye opening article? I’d love it if you would.

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