Friday, May 11, 2012

Never Gonna Stop: Jamie K~ Music Review by Michelle Pell

Jamie K  ~  Never Gonna Stop
3 out of 5 stars

This new, debut album from new Christian music artist and producer, Jamie K, is definitely for the hip hop, R&B, and rap-loving lilies out there. The songs on Jamie K’s record, Never Gonna Stop, are foundational truths straight from the Word of God. As young women of God, I think we should be filling our minds with what is pure and true. Jamie K does an amazing job of singing truth directly into the hearts of  her listeners through lyrics straight from Scripture, upbeat rhythms and fun voice tricks. Topics of her songs include: the personality of Christ, her commitment to praise, and sacrifice.

Find Jamie K’s alubum, Never Gonna Stop on iTunes and Rhapsody now!

Track List:
1. All I Do
2. Justified and Sanctified
3. Jesus Is
4. Never Gonna Stop
5. Have You Ever
6. Sacrifice
7. Gonna Fight It
8. Who You Are
9. Set Me Free
10. Just Wanna Fly

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