Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Modest Swim Suits Part 1~ Renee Arnold

Bathing suit shopping is a rite of passage every teenage girl must endure before she can enjoy the summer at the pool, beach and water parks.
Swimsuit shopping can be stressful enough without having to keep modesty and purity in mind but thankfully many stores feature fuller coverage suits that can be bought a very reasonable price.
First, I looked at Kohl's because they are very well known for their swim separates which feature a large variety of tankini tops and boy shorts. I found two that really stood out because they featured adorable prints. Both of these suits are separates which means the tops and bottoms can be bought without each other. The pieces vary in price from $28-$36 but if you've ever shopped at Kohl's you know that you rarely end up paying the advertised price for anything so you might be able to snag them for prices within the $16-$20 range.
Candie's Striped Swim SeparatesMudd Tie-Dye Swim Separates
Next, I know from my own past experience that most Christian summer camps require a modest one piece suit so I wanted to include a couple of those. I shopped around at Macy's to get a feel for the kind of suits they sold there and I was very pleased with their selection, although their suits were more expensive. One piece suits at Macy's were in a sold price range of about $170  (which is a little too pricey for my liking) and $50 (a little more reasonable.) The high waisted one pictured is $50 and the black floral suit is $98.
I know that it can be difficult finding a trendy suit that covers cleavage, midsection and leg but I hope this article helped you in your search for a modest swimsuit this summer!
Have a blessed and safe summer,

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  1. When I go swimming, i wear a one piece suit, but I always wear shorts with them and a Tshirt to hide my cleavage. I know it sounds a little overboard, but i don't want any guys lusting after my body. The extra clothing dosen't affect my swimming at all. And besides, it makes me feel really comfortable. But if you do wear a Tshirt with your swimming suit, make sure it's very light weight when you go swimming. It dosen't pull you down when you are swimming...to me it's like i'm not even wearing a Tshirt