Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to Gain Inner Strength~ Abigail Massung

  Unfortunately, it takes more than just wanting to grow strong. It takes determination and God. To become truly strong we need God in our lives 24/7. So guess what, going to church once a week and calling it good won’t cut it. So if you think you’ll go to church, go to youth group, than party with your friends and forget God, think again. You have to determine to turn to God for, and in, everything. He needs to be a part of your everyday life and actions.

   Our strength comes from God. If we want to survive then we have to grow under His light. We have to deliberately take time out to seek Him through focusing on the Bible; praying and just talking to God about life; sitting in the silence to just acknowledge His presence with us; and praising Him with our lives. Don’t just do it when it’s convenient, but push yourself to constantly be seeking God in some way in every aspect of life.

  There are going to be days when the last thing you want to do is go to youth group. Times when you’re tempted to turn back to what’s easier or a lifestyle you’re more familiar with. Those are the times when Satan tests how strong the branch is supporting the new life. That’s when you need to force yourself to open your Bible, pray, talk to your Christian friends about how your feeling, and go wherever you know you need to be. Because those are the times when the branch is tested, and the cost may be high if you don’t.


  1. Love it.. great illustration with the branch. :) Thank you for this article, Abby.