Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Fashion Look Outs~ In Our Closet~ By Renee Arnold

Fall is approaching us and that means that it will be less tempting for people to buy skimpier clothes, but that doesn't mean they're not out there. I'm going to give you three examples of fall fashion don’ts to watch for. Remember, I don't want to force my standards on anyone! I hope that you prayerfully consider your own standards and don't just copy those of another Christian sister. These are just ways of helping you know if they are modest on YOU!

The first thing to watch out for is skinny jeans. I am not slamming skinny jeans. I adore skinny jeans and love the way they look and feel on me. When wearing skinny jeans, you need to watch out for how tight they are on you. If your skinny jeans, or any jeans for that matter, are tight, then isn't it basically like denim colored skin? What's the difference if your jeans are really tight?

Here's how to check for this problem. Pinch the denim together at the top of your thigh. If you're pinching skin then they might be too tight. Also, if you have to wiggle your way into them, they are too tight. Also, look at you hinny in the mirror. (Sorry if this sounds awkward) If you see bunching under your hinny or around your thighs, then your pants are too tight.

The second thing to watch out for is lace camisoles. Lace cami's are simply beautiful and elegant under a low cut top, but you do need to watch how low they are. If the lace has little "peek holes" in it then it can be revealing without trying to be. Try to buy higher cut lace cami's or smaller “peek holes” and that will solve this fall fashion dilemma.

Last but not least is a strapless dress. If you are buying a strapless dress for a special occasion make sure it fits right. Make sure it's not so tight that your chest is squashed, but also make sure it's not so loose that you're going to pulling it up all night! Make sure the neckline is high enough that you're not showing any cleavage for modesty's sake and the sake of everyone around you. I think strapless dresses are a very cute addition to any girl's wardrobe as long as it is worn correctly.

My only disclaimer for this article is this; please don't use this article as an excuse to wear something your parents don't want you wearing or you don't feel right about. Modesty is a personal issue and I'm just trying to help out and make decisions a tad bit easier. If your parents say no about something, then do as they say. God tells us to honor our mother and father.

So have fun this October and always remember that Jesus loves you SO much that He died for you!


  1. Yay! Great advice :) Love it and I'm looking forward to fallllll fashion (even though where I live you don't really change stuff thatttt much :) Thanks! God bless you!
    :) Nadia

  2. great article! it seems to me like so many other blogs are so strict about how it has to be a certain way to be modest and your shirts have to be exactly this length, etc. it's really nice that you give the readers good advice, but you give room for different opinions and standards too XD