Saturday, November 6, 2010

'Demons'~ A Freelance Poem by Lauren Kuechenmeister

Fighting demons one-by-one,
But really the battle’s just begun.

Look in the mirror, and what do I see?
Everything I wish I could change about me.

Flip through the channels on the TV,
And see everything I feel I should be.

Turning pages in magazines filled with flawless faces,
And knowing I can’t put my feet in their places.

I’ll fix everything I can about me,
But who is it I’ll turn out to be?

Rules upon rules with no exceptions,
Then I’m only asking for their rejection.

I’ll start by changing just one thing,
After that, the changing will be never-ending.

Never enough-more and more;
But who is it I’m changing for?

Don’t do it for those who say you need it most,
Because, then, you’ll become one of their earthly hosts.

Do it for you if it’s in God’s plan,
Because His is the only plan that has love to make it stand.

So you’re fighting demons one-by-one.

Step aside!

Because my God’s already won.

About the Author!
Lauren is a teen girl living for the Lord! She loves turtle lattes, traveling, and watching info-mercials!  She loves watching Disney movies and singing Christmas songs all year long. Through all of her life experiences (good and bad), God has never left her side, and she believes that nothing is too big for God!  She wants to become a psychologist one day but is excited to see what other plans God has in store for her life!


  1. Awesome post!! Would it be ok if i posted this on my blog??

  2. This is a really great poem! Good job!

  3. Oh my gosh!! This is amazing!!