Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from LAT!

Hello Everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! God has been so good to us hasn't He? He has blessed us all way more than we deserve!

I asked the LAT staff these 3 questions...

1) What are some things you are thankful for this year?
2) What are some of your family traditions?
3) What do you think Thanksgiving is for?
Here are their answers :)

I am very thankful for my wonderful staff, being able to hear and feel God close to me, and Coconut Coffee Creamer! Without any of these, I would not survive, seriously, I live off that creamer!
I don't really have any 'family' traditions, but I have a tradition only I do. Every year, I try to outdo the number of pieces of pie I ate on Thanksgiving! Last year I ate 8 pieces, this year I'm shooting for 10! ;D
Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what God has blessed you with and how you can be a blessing to others :)

Happy Thanksgiving Girls,
This year I am definitely thankful for many things. I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends. I am thankful for a safe country to live in with soldiers who defend our freedom and of course I am very thankful for Jesus who saved me! That is definitely something to be VERY thankful for. In our family we don't have definite traditions other than going to my Nana's house for turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. I believe that Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for everything we have. Actually, we can even be thankful for the challenges we face because they help shape us into the people we are.God Bless,Renee
 This year I am thankful for God's love and for Him getting me through a pretty tough year in my life, great friends who've stuck with me through everything, mercy, forgiveness, and family. Oh! And my cat Gracie, with out her I would not have warm feet at night! (I love my sleeping buddy!!)
 My family doesn't really have any traditions; Thanksgiving is pretty much a stay at home with family and eats until you explode for us!
I believe that Thanksgiving is a time for looking back on the year and seeing what really mattered most. A time to really see how far you've come, or how much God has changed you or done for you.


Hello and happy autumn! (That's such a cool word, I love it!)

 Let's see, I'm thankful for my boyfriend, my wonderful family, my writing, my iPod and cookie dough. I couldn't live without music and cookie dough is one of the simple pleasures of life.
 My family usually has friends over for Thanksgiving dinner. We always have turkey and cranberry sauce, and the rest of a traditional thanksgiving meal. Other than that, it's an ordinary day.
 I think Thanksgiving is for families and friends to get together and enjoy the company. It's also a great day to eat until you explode!!!

Rachel A


 I am thankful for friends that love me, good books, and music. I am also thankful that for chocolate. These things get me through most days :)
 We usually go to our very good friend’s house for Thanksgiving dinner and the mom is a wonderful cook. I usually bake a pecan pie to take, along with bringing vanilla ice cream to have with it. Yummy!
 I think Thanksgiving is a time when we remind ourselves that we do indeed have a lot to be thankful for. We remember that Jesus provides for us, and remember to give Him the thanks, praise and glory he deserves. Also Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving! Not Turkey Day! It's a day to give thanks and honor God, not honor a turkey. Turkey is good, but not that good.


I am so blessed by the 'servings' of things that I 'take' every day that keep me grounded:
- a serving of chocolate that helps me to smile :)
- a serving of 'portable sounds to take me higher' (tobyMac) and all the great Christian music that lifts me up -- Beckah Shae, Nichole Nordeman, Britt Nicole, Casting Crowns, Group 1 Crew, and tobyMac to name a few :)
- a serving of laughter and love from my family and friends, mostly crazy but fun :)
- a serving of God-confidence -- still working on that one :)
- a serving of Summer -- this summer was a time for bonding with my great camp friends who I miss like crazy, and it brought me closer to God :)
- a serving of school work (grrrr, but I'm learning and it's really interesting :)
- a serving of God time -- trust me, waking up a bit earlier in the morning is worth it if it means you have more time to spend with God. Anyway, He is my Refuge (love that word) and He keeps me grounded :)

Family Traditions:
I eat dinner with my family every year... so much fun, even though I usually eat enough to last for the whole year -- that's a slight exaggeration ;)
Also, my cousin started a journal a few years ago and so on each big holiday (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.) we pass around the journal and write about where we're at this year and what we enjoyed about this celebration. It's also cool to look back on all the visiting family members and remembering the good times we had while they visited. GREAT tradition (if I do say so myself). Looking back on all the memories is wonderful.

Thanksgiving is a great time for me to count my blessings. I tend to make mountains out of molehills, so focusing on my blessings and the ways God is working in my life just invigorates me and gives me lots of joy and confidence. Thanksgiving is also an awesome time to spend with my family. I love being around my crazy, wonderful family -- who happen to be very good cooks, also :)


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