Friday, November 26, 2010

Permanent Curls and Some Crazy Caramel Apples That You WONT Wanna Miss! ~ A Fun Article by Emily Ciszewski

In Mid-October, I received a perm from my mom and her friend Ann. It was one of the worst experiences ever! Nothing could have prepared me for the horrid smell that came from the "solution" they were drenching my head of curlers with! You know the smell you get a whiff of when you walk into a salon? The slight eggy smell? Well - imagine that 200 times worse! Ugh! And having to breathe that stuff? Putting a rag over your mouth and nose isn't very helpful. How are you supposed to breathe at all?!?
But I guess, in the end, with this awesome '80's style 'do - it was worth it! I mean, I'm a girl with slick straight hair, but I love poof! Here's the out come!   

And hey, it may not be in style now but how long has straight hair been in now? I just saying, I'm a little ahead in the fashion fads! 


And while we're talking about crazy stuff, I thought of this recipe. So if you are totally into doing crazy bizarre things here goes! Try it out! 

Crazy Fall Caramel Apples
2 to 4 Honey Crisp Apples (or any crunchy sour apple)
20 to 30 wrapped caramels (or caramel apple kit caramel)
1/2 cup crushed peanuts (or your favorite nut)
1 cup melted chocolate
4 small snack size Snicker bars
(For those of you who are REALLY brave) 1 cup white melted chocolate
4 or 5 table spoons of milk
Fall sprinkles
2 or 4 sticks (the kind you use, you can usually find then in the produce section at your local grocery)

1) Empty the caramel into a small sauce pan with the milk and cook till melted and gooey. 
2) Take your apples and stick in the wooden sticks, then carefully coat the apples with the caramel. 
3) Coat the the caramel with the crushed nuts.
4) Melt your chocolate with some shortening or cooking oil and stir. 
5) While the chocolate is melting, put the Snickers in a food grinder or in a plastic bag and pound it with a rolling pin.
6) Coat the apples with the chocolate then with the Snickers. 
7) Put them in the freezer for awhile on waxed paper
8) Melt your white chocolate with shortening (If you dare!)
9) Remove the apples from your freezer and coat them with the white chocolate. 
10) With the air of an experienced apple coater, sprinkle on your fall sprinkles. 
 11) 'Voila!' Stick those fattening babies in the fridge for a few hours and then wrap them up for some friends or pig out with your fam! 

And by the way, I have no way of telling you how MANY MANY calories are in these things! So, hey, for you girls on diets - make 'em for your friends! :)


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