Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In The Dressing Room~ A Clothing Article by Madeline Hunt

When you’re in the dressing room at your favorite store, sometimes it can be hard to decide weather or not you should buy the item. Checking it for modesty is a must, but can be hard to do if you’re a little fuzzy on the item and you really like it. Here are some tests to help determine if an article of clothing is modest and a good addition to your closet.

  • Raise your hands above your head. Is your stomach showing?
  • Bend over while looking in the mirror. Is and cleavage visible?
  • Are the straps thick enough so that your bra won’t show?
  • Is it to tight?
  • Look from all angles. Does the outline of my bra show?
Remember that if you buy a shorter or lower cut shirt you need to commit in the dressing room to always wear a tank top with it. If you can’t promise yourself that, don’t buy it!

  • How fitted are they? Can you grab some of the fabric? If not they are to tight.
  • Turn around. Can you see the outline of your underwear?
  • Bend over. Does your underwear show?
You don’t want to wear jean so tight that they look like denim colored skin, so always try them on before you buy them.

  • What length are you allowed to wear? I suggest no shorter than where the tips of your finger tips reach when you hang your hands by your side. Longer is better!
  • Bend over. How far up does the skirt come up in the back?
  • Twirl around. Do your upper thighs show?

Do not be conformed any longer to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2a

Don’t worry about what other people think about your clothes, God says we are not to be like this world. Set your own trends and have fun! Try a crazy pattern or a bold color, as long as it’s modest and your parents approve go for it! I wear maxi skirts (floor length) all the time because I love them but I also love knee length skirts. The point is that you are glorifying God with your body and not copying the world. It’s not wrong to love dressing stylishly but don’t let your love of style consume you!
      Please remember clothing can be modest or immodest on different people. Be careful and don’t use what I’m saying as an excuse to wear clothing that your parents don’t want you to, they are your authority not me.
       Happy shopping!

Note from Haylie:  Everybody has different taste in clothing. My clothing is either short skirts (no more than 2 inches above knee) or long skirts. There is no middle. With my pants, they are either finger length shorts (mid thigh) or jeans (which tend to go under the heel of my foot). Everybody has different taste and style. Sometimes you come across things that you really like, but you can't wear because it looks immodest on you. An example of this is me and my mom. My mom can wear tank tops and look modest. I cannot because I have a very large bust. My mom doesn't. So we, as Christian teen girls thriving to be lilies among thorns, need to make a commitment to dress modestly, even if it means giving up things we'd love to wear.
I have a challenge for you ladies. I want you to write this on a piece of paper, date it, and sign your name under it.

I (insert name) promise to be a young women of modesty. I promise to dress modestly, to not purchase items that would affect my modesty, and to stand out as a lily among the thorns. I promise to be an example to the younger lilies watching me and show them that modesty doesn't mean you have to wear a potato sack. I will show them that modesty is beautiful. 

If you made this promise, please email us here. We'd like to celebrate your commitment with you!

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