Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Inner Beauty With a Smile!~ "Inner Beauty Revalation"~ By Renee Arnold

Inner Beauty is probably something that you've heard about time and time again in youth group, by your mom or in a magazine but what is it really? Inner beauty simply means that beautiful actions on the inside that shine to your outside.
  We look at ourselves every morning in the mirror.  We may be happy with what we see and we may not be. You may have heard that the best accessory is a smile and that is absolutely true! All the make-up or plastic surgery in the world can't compensate for a simple smile you give someone. A smile is only one way to let your outer beauty shine through, say hi to someone new at your school, help a sibling or peer study for a big test, help your parents when they ask. These are only a few ways to show someone that you value the inside more that the outside.
The main key to inner beauty is your heart. It's who you really are. How is your relationship with God? Do you have one? By relationship I don't mean just going to church and reading your Bible in your Bible class. By relationship I mean an actual relationship with Him. Do you set aside time in your busy day to spend with just Him? Do you talk to Him not just when you need something, but just to talk? Do you live for Him? True inner beauty comes from God! He is the only one who can give you true and everlasting beauty. His beauty, unlike out outer beauty, will never fade.
  Now, I'm not saying that our outside isn't important, our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit so we should take care of them. What I am saying is that we shouldn't begin to value appearance more than actions by choosing friends because of what they look like or dating a really cute guy even though you know he isn't a christian. We should look to the inside first and choose who we date and who our friends are because of it.
  Our world is obsessed with outer beauty. Celebrity's pay fortunes for plastic surgery, women pay hundreds for "miracle creams" that claim to banish wrinkles or make dark circles go away. Is that really worth it? Wouldn't you rather sink your money and time into something that will last! Read this last verse and ask yourself where your heart is. What are you really concerned about in life? Your outer beauty, or what can shine even brighter, your inner beauty?  

20But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:20


  1. Thank you so much! This was beautiful and I loved it :) it's very encouraging! God bless you!
    :) Nadia

  2. So are you saying that we're beautiful inside? Because we are filthy sinners and we should not be looking at our inner beauty, I think we should be looking at God's beauty and awesomeness. I'm reading Set-Apart Femeninity by Leslie Ludy and this is how it explains it. Because apart from God we are nothing. When God is with us shouldn't we just be in awe of how great he is?

  3. I think what Renee was trying to say is that inner beauty is what is important. She didn't say that we are beautiful inside automatically, just that inner beauty is whats important. All LAT staff members know that we are full of sin and without God we are nothing. We all strongly believe this.

  4. I wasn't pushing that message at all rachey, what I was aiming for was exactly what haylie said, that when we do something good, that shows what our heart is like and that makes us more appealing to others. I mean who would you rather be friends with, a beautiful girl who has a rotten attitude or a girl with real beauty that you can see by the way she acts and presents herself?