Thursday, November 4, 2010

Voting. Wait, Huh???~ A Fun Article by Abby Massung

  This year will be my very first year as an eligible voter, and there are important issues to consider - just don’t ask me what, ok? I know I’m supposed to be helping pick a governor. I even know something about two of the candidates! One’s an ex-marine and the other is “One Tough Nerd.” Aren’t you proud of my awesome skills of observation and being aware of the things going on around me?

  Ok, so maybe I don’t really know much, but who cares, right? I mean, my one little vote doesn’t have any chance of being the final vote that decides whether or not it should be allowed to shoot those pesky Mourning Doves that we have millions of in our backyard pooping all over everything and being bird feeder thugs. Chances are it won’t matter who I vote for because they probably won’t win anyway. So why even bother going through all the trouble of trying to decide which candidate I want to support? Mickey Mouse really sounds like he’d make an amazing governor right about now…

  Of course, if everyone didn’t bother, then where’d we be? Chaos I tell you, utter and total chaos! Any Jane or Joe could make whatever laws or plans they wanted and we’d have no say in the matter! After all, we thought it was just a huge waste of time, why should what we think or want suddenly matter? Before we know it they’d start doing all sorts of crazy things like wearing crowns, carrying around a shiny walking stick thingy, and demanding we kneel before them!

 Ok, so that probably isn’t going to happen. Still, think for a sec why don’t you? What would happen if we all just voted for whoever or, worse yet, didn’t bother to vote at all? What if we didn’t pay any attention to what was going on in our own nation, much less the rest of the world? Our country is making plenty of changes all the time and it's important we try to keep up with those changes.

  Voting is one of the few areas in which we’re treated as equals to our parents and other adults their age. It doesn’t matter if the voter is eighteen or eighty-one, we get an equal voice through voting. Therefore, we ought to make that equality count for something, don‘t you think? We should make wise, informed choices when we vote, whether this year, or in the years to come.
  So, with that in mind, and without any further ado…who’s with me on voting Mickey Mouse for Michigan ’s governor?
...You know I’m kidding...right?


  1. YOU SO TOTALLY PREACH IT SISTER!!! :) Ha! I TOTALLY AGREE! Thanks for being blunt!

  2. haha looveee this! :)