Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Amusing Adventures In Stores~ A Fun Article by Heather Young

Christmas has ended, and the new year is almost here.  During the Christmas season, I couldn’t help being wrapped up in the joy of the season (not that I have any objection to that J).  When my dad and I went shopping, we had way more fun than expected.
The most memorable and hysterical adventure we had took place in the toy section of a store.  As you have most likely noticed, many toys these days are battery operated and move or talk when you touch or get near them.  My dad and I happened to stumble into the aisle of toys where, just about everything made noise and moved when we walked by it. Dogs, cats, bears, birds, and hamsters of all sizes barked, purred, whimpered, chirped, and squeaked when pressed on their backs.  About half of the aisle was arranged with these creatures, and baby dolls were displayed in the other half.  An assortment of dolls lined the shelves, from babies in cribs to a baby on a toilet.  Of course, almost all of them cried, talked, and moved. We had a blast walking back and forth among them so that they would animate.
 The next isle over was even scarier.  Instead of cute little baby dolls or cuddly little kittens, this aisle contained battery-operated dinosaurs.  There was one little green dinosaur who didn’t work, but looked pretty scary because the picture on its box showed that it would squirt water or bite you if you touched it.  This dinosaur prepared me for a tan-colored pterodactyl—or so I thought.  The box said “Try me!” so I pressed the bump on the top of its head as told to do.  What I was expecting was it trying to bite me like the previous one was supposed to.  All it did was open its mouth, but nevertheless, I got so freaked out that I hit my hand on the shelf while trying to get it away from the pterodactyl.  I was so embarrassed, but thank goodness not one else was around at the time. Yet another dinosaur was displayed in a large clear case was even more fascinating. Only one out of the three buttons worked, but it was pretty entertaining to hear a green, fake reptile about the size of a chihuahua be introduced by the impressive voice of an announcer, then watching it “charge” towards the walls of its confinement.

Amidst the ridiculous moments, there were also some priceless moments.  During Christmas shopping, lessons are learned, memories are shared, and comic coincidences take place. While standing in line at one store, a little girl two spaces ahead of me was paying for something she wanted to buy. She laid a huge pile of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies on the conveyor belt and said, in a sweet little voice, “It’s five dollars.”  The cashier counted it out, which took some time, but the event was worth witnessing.  The girl couldn’t have been taller than four feet or older than ten, but she was learning to be responsible for her money and to buy things with it.  I just find this so adorable!

 No matter how you celebrate New Year’s, or how excited you are about it, remember that the New Year is all about a new start.  Whatever absurd things happened in 2010 will just be a memory.  The year of 2011 provides new doors and windows for you to have even greater accomplishments than 2010.  Even if events that take place don’t seem significant, they are. Every choice you make will affect your future, but will not define it. Let’s make a New Year’s resolution to make right choices! Hooray for new beginnings! J

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