Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Salvation Stands~ A Poem by Rachel Allen

When my heart fails me and strength escapes me,
My salvation stands.
When night finds me all alone with no one else to turn to,
My salvation stands.
 And when the darkness closes in and all other lights go out,
My salvation stands.

For when the light goes out, and darkness overcomes all things
God is the light. He does not falter, He does not sway, and He cannot be extinguished.
He is my light, my lamp, my path.
He leads me through dark passes,
And He guides me in the light of day.
No place is too light for Him to be present
And no place is too dark for Him to shine.

When I cannot bear to see the suffering of others,
My salvation stands.
When I am weighed down by doubts and worries,
My salvation stands.
And when my feet grow weary and I cannot hold myself upright.
My salvation stands.

For when all others fail me, all mortal men are weakened by desire, and all other kingdoms are brought to their knees,
God is strong. He does not fall, He does not forsake me, and He is not weak.
He is my rock, my strength, my shield.
He protects me from the toils and trouble of everyday life,
And He protects me from the giants that makes the battlefield to tremble.
Nothing is too small for Him to care about,
And nothing is too big for Him to take upon his shoulders.

When I am weak, when I am tired, when I am brought down by those around me, and when everything in the mortal world is not worth living for,
My salvation will always stand.


  1. That was SO beautiful! Thanks Rachel!
    :) Nadia

  2. amazing!!! so beautiful!!!