Friday, December 10, 2010

How You Can Help Other This Season~ An Organizations Article by Rachel Melillo

Christmas time is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ.  So often by families, we practice this holiday by giving gifts to our friends and family.  However, there are so many others who also need the love Christ came to bring. Think of them this Christmas as you consider giving to any of the following organizations.
1.    Samaritan’s purse.  You’ve probably all heard of this organization.  They pack shoe boxes with gifts for underprivileged children in third world countries.  Perhaps your church hosts an Operation Christmas Child (OCC) shoebox filling event, and maybe they didn’t but you sent one anyway.  Well, since it’s too late to send in a shoebox, what they do need is also money donations.  Although with each shoebox, people give a seven dollar donation to assist with sending it, they also pack many shoe boxes themselves, along with having extra expenses to cover the cost of the materials and such.  So even though it’s December, you can still help by donating and by that donation, you’ll be indirectly helping an impoverished kid somewhere.  Visit for more information.

2.    There are about fifty two countries where it’s illegal to be a Christian and many more where they are hostile towards Christians.  Voice of the Martyrs attempts to help those who have been imprisoned in their faith and their families while they go through this persecution for the name of Christ.  Not only can you help by donating money to help support families whose fathers or mothers are in jail for their beliefs, but you can also write to government officials asking for the release of family members, to family members to know that you’re praying for them, and to the prisoners themselves applauding them for standing strong in their beliefs and convictions.   Also, make sure you pray for these countries, for God to touch the leaders and spark a Christian revival so that we may worship freely and speak of our faith openly no matter where we are.  Wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in your letter as well. J  More information and stories at
3.    This year 1.7 million children will have a parent in jail.   Angel Tree, a program of Prison Fellowship, seeks to reconcile prisoners and their families to God and to each other by giving Christmas gifts and the Gospel message to families that have a parent in prison.  There are three ways you can help.  Firstly, you can recruit your church to participate in Angel Tree program.  Perhaps it already is registered, if so; sign up to buy gifts for a needy family to make this Christmas one to remember.  Secondly, you can donate money to buy families what they really need and want for Christmas.  Finally, you can sign up online to give gifts to a family or perhaps even just one kid and make their Christmas dreams a reality.  Find out more at
4.    The Make-A-Wish Foundation helps the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions by making their wishes come true. In 1980, 7-year-old Chris Greicius was being treated for leukemia. Every day, he dreamed of becoming a police officer.  U.S. Customs Officer Tommy Austin had befriended Chris and his mother.  He promised Chris a ride in a police helicopter. When Chris’ health worsened, Austin contacted Ron Cox, an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer, and planned a day that would lift Chris’ spirits. Austin and a caring group of DPS personnel started Chris’ day with a tour of the city in a department helicopter, which also flew him to headquarters. Three cruisers and a motorcycle officer greeted him before his meeting with the DPS command staff. There, Chris was sworn in as the first honorary DPS patrolman in state history.  But his experience didn’t stop there. Cox contacted John’s Uniforms, which agreed to make a custom-tailored DPS uniform for Chris. The store owner and two seamstresses worked through the night to finish it. The officers presented the official uniform to Chris on May 1 and arranged a motorcycle proficiency test so he could earn wings to pin on his uniform. Needless to say, Chris passed the test with flying colours on his battery-operated motorcycle.  This boy’s wish was the inspiration for the Make-A-Wish-Foundation.  More stories and ways to help at their website

I hope that this Christmas season, you find it in your heart to help at least one of these organizations. We don’t realize how much we have until we look at others who have so much less than we do.

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