Thursday, December 9, 2010

Must Have Books and Cd's~ Book and CD Reviews by Michelle Pell

During this Christmas season I wanted to tell you three of my must-have books and Cd's. These are great ideas for Christmas presents and for you to ask for also!


Dreaming of Dior by Charlotte Smith
This book is packed full with beautiful illustrations of the most gorgeous dresses and gowns I have ever set eyes on. The pages are lined with pieces from 1790 all the way to 1995 fashion. This book is a must have for any fashion-loving girl.

And The Bride Wore White by Dannah Gresh
Seven secrets to sexual purity".The subtitle to this book tells just what's in it. Seven practical ways to keep your purity in a world that's telling you it's okay to give yourself away. This book is like a breath of fresh air.

Hallie's Heart by Shelly Beach
A heart-felt tale of two women, this book shows how two girls, coming from hurting homes and struggling with life, can help each other heal and together find renewal in God.


WOW New and Next
This CD came out in the beginning of this year and has 12 up and coming songs. Artists such as Chris August, Kerrie Roberts, and Satellites and Sirens sing about winning the Christian battle, singing glory, and how God is our anchor. This CD is super cheap, priced at only $2.99 or free with any WOW purchase at most stores.

Kari Jobe
Kari has a sweet, clear, beautiful voice that is restful and calming. The songs on her CD are filled with lyrics singing praise and glory to our heavenly Father. On her CD is also my absolute favorite worship song, Revelation Song. She sings it beautifully.

The Light Meets the Dark - Tenth Avenue North
Some of the most popular songs on this CD include Healing Begins and You Are More. Tenth Avenue North brings a fresh, unique sound to the Christian music industry, and I love that their music is filled with verses straight from Scripture.

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