Friday, December 3, 2010

More Precious than Rubies~ By Renee Arnold

What is a ruby? Probably every one has at least seem a picture of this fiery, red gemstone. Rubies are beautiful and also very valuable. A ruby necklace at Macy's can average from $260 to $5,000! Did you know that God says that we are more precious than rubies? (Proverbs 3:15) You have so much worth to Him. You are His special little girl and He has wonderful plans for you! God doesn't ever want you to feel like you don't matter or you don't have a place in this world because you most certainly do! You are worth so much more than a $5,000 necklace at a department store. You are SO PRECIOUS!! 
  Don't be swayed by ads that say you have to be thin or have straight hair to be beautiful! Don't believe that you have to be the most popular or have a boyfriend to matter! You matter to God and it hurts Him when you don't see that. Did you know that when God created you He knew exactly what you were going to look and act like your whole life? God doesn't make mistakes so even though frizzy hair and freckles may make you doubt it, He doesn't mess up.
  God also has a perfect plan for your life. We humans, having a sinful nature, usually don't catch on and we end up messing up, but God can even make a plan out of that! God is never surprised by anything and He can turn a seemingly hopeless situation into something good.
Ask yourself this.... is what I wear and the way I present myself like a ruby? Am I making myself 'cost less' by wearing immodest clothes? Is that really the way God wants it to be? Dress like a ruby and you'll begin to feel like one too, even if you have to wear ruby slippers!

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