Saturday, December 4, 2010

Interview with Passion Magazine

Our staff member, Rachel Melillo, had the opportunity to interview Ariel Oliver, Editor of Passion Magazine, in November. Passion Magazine is a Christian teen girl magazine dedicated to helping girls gain a deeper relationship with God. Passion Magazine is also a sponsor of Lilies Among Thorns. Ariel is a wonderful girl and I hope you come to love her and her magazine as much as I do. Click here to read her magazine. You can also pick up her blog button on our blog.

1) What made you want to start your magazine?

I wanted to lead something, give myself an outlet for my writing abilities, and provide a good-quality online resource for Christian teen girls to go to for encouragement.

2) How did you come up with the name?

I was looking up Greek and Latin translations of meaningful words to see if I could find anything that sounded cool. I was searching for hours for something that would match "zeal", or "fire", or "passion", or...then I stopped and thought that Passion sounded pretty nice by itself, so I just stuck with that!

3) What is its main focus?

Passion Magazine's foundational goal is to propel Christian teen girls into a deeper relationship with God that will impact their life.

4) Was it hard to get writers?

At the very, very beginning stage, it was tough because no one knew about us. I started out the first issue with just 3 articles written by me and 1 from Kate Weber, a friend of mine, the first writer. Over time though, God brought us a few solid staff members and is continuing to do so - it's very exciting!

5) How has this experience changed you?

It has given me a greater sense of purpose. I know that it is all through God, but I feel as if I am making a small difference with this webmag, which is important. I can say more confidently that I am God's active instrument and a witness of the work He has done in me, through me, and around me! I guess in short, God has used the experience to personally show me how active He can truly be in someone's life, and writing for it and reading the wonderful articles from my staff has also fueled my own passion for Him and His will in my life!

6) What is your favorite attribute of God?

That's really tough because I don't exactly value one over the other! I will say His love, though, because a lot of the attributes grow out from that. Time and time again it is His boundless love that blows me away and calls me back to Him when I've strayed!

7) What is your favorite thing to write?

My favorite thing to write is fiction; I just love describing things. I don't do it a lot anymore, but it is still something I'll always enjoy.

8) What is your favorite way to serve God?

I think one of the big ones is sacrificing my time, passions, and/or finances to Him. Sometimes it can be a drag during a period of time while you're struggling through it. But then you recognize how great He is and how worthless everything else is! That's the cool part of it. It's proving to yourself that God is more important to you than your earthly toys, and it's giving Him more room to instill joy into you and make Him a bigger part of your life.

9) What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

My family does not have any unique Christmas traditions now, but when I was little, my brothers and I would rotate yearly on who put the angel at the top of the Christmas tree. It was a big event--we had to be picked up by our dad to crown the tree, and I was always filled with the greatest sense of accomplishment after doing so!

10) What was the best Christmas present you ever got?

I'd have to say that it was a wonderfully soft faux fur blanket I got from my mom last year. I love softness and warmth and it's so cozy to curl up on the couch with it! :)

Be sure to go to Passion Magazine! It is a great magazine and has helped out LAT in so many ways. They are a true gift from God and I am proud to be acquainted with them.

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