Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tips On How to Look Your Best Christmas Morning~ A Fashion Article by Haylie Gregory

Cameras are everywhere during the Christmas holiday. From plays to productions, from dinners to Christmas morning, cameras are going to be around. For me, Christmas morning starts early. The earlier we get up and ready, the longer the Christmas magic lasts, even without the snow most of you get. (Downfall to living in Florida) My morning are rushed, but I don't want to look bad in the pictures! I hate looking at pictures from Christmases past and seeing my nappy hair and non-matching Pj's. I'm going to share some tips I've learned that will help you look your best in a snap on Christmas morning.

When you wake up in the morning, is your hair a fizzy mess? A rat's nest? A disaster? Here are some ideas to help you overcome that.

~French braid your hair the night before. When you wake up Christmas morning, take the braids out and run your fingers through it gently. If you want, you can spritz some hairspray in it to make sure you keep the curls. you can even leave the braids in and take them out later.

~ Wash and straighten your hair the night before. When you wake up the nest morning, go over the messed up pieces with your flat iron. It'll look like you just did it.

~ Curl your hair Christmas Eve. Before you go to bed, put your hair up in a high ponytail and try not to squish your curls when you sleep (Example: When you lay on your pillow, throw your ponytail over your head so you don't sleep on it.) When you wake up the next morning, just take it down and tame the little bit a frizz it might have. You can either curl some of the pieces that might of messed up, let it down and leave it, or pull it back up in the ponytail, after you tame the frizz of course. Either way, you got some curly volume!

Makeup makeup makeup! Some girls wear a lot, some girls wear a little and some girl wear none. For those who wear makeup, here are a few ways to look like you just woke up that way!

~ Put a little bit of pressed powder or foundation on any red spots you see. If you broke out all over, put on your regular amount.

~ Put a small amount of mascara on your upper lashes. This makes them look long, but not too long.

~ If you want to add a  little more pop, add a little bit of eyeshadow on. I suggest wearing a light color that complements your eye color. For example, I have hazel eyes, so I will most likely wear a light green or light brown.

Before going to bed, think, "Will I be embarrassed to look back at these pictures a year from now?"

~ Wear your favorite pair of Pj's!

~ Make sure your Pj's match!

~If you have Christmas Pj's, wear them!

~Git slipper? Wear those too!

Have fun Christmas morning! Walk out of your bedroom and make your family wonder if you always look that good when you wake up! You girls are all beautiful, inside and out! Have a Merry Christmas!