Thursday, December 16, 2010

We All Have Problems~ An Advice Column by Nadia

"It's almost Christmas time and that means lots family get togethers. I have this one relative that I don't really got along with. How do I handle this?"
~ Fighter

Dear Fighter,

I've read up on articles by women who are manners experts and the bottom line in this situation seems to be, if you can politely avoid contact with the family member, you should be ok. For example, you can avoid sitting by them at the dinner table or in the living room; you can greet them politely, but then other than that, not initiate conversation otherwise. If contact with this person is unavoidable, just be as kind and polite as possible.

Perhaps that person is really agitating and aggressive, and everything they say puts you on edge. Try talking to another family member about your feelings beforehand. Tell a trusted relative about your frustrations and ask them to help you out if you get into a sticky situation with that person. If you really need to just get out, perhaps you can retreat into your room for a few minutes to cool down, or go have a calming conversation with a good friend in the corner for a little while.

Also, before you go to your family get together, pray to God. He is the provider of everything. Ask Him to help you to show meekness and kindness to this person.

 I hope the spirit of Christmas will pervade your home and that you will have a wonderful holiday season! I know that you have it in you to be mature, kind, and peaceful, even if your agonizing relative cannot do the same. You've got God's strength in you! You can do this! God bless you, and have a very very Merry Christmas!

:) Nadia

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