Friday, December 17, 2010

Delia~ A Store Review by Madeline Hunt

Delias is a fabulously amazing store!! Most of their clothes are really cute and totally wearable! I went a tiny bit over 100 dollars for this outfit, but if you already have some of the basics, it will cost you much less!

This jumper/dress is SO cute! My sister just bought it the other day and it looks even better in person then online! I chose to put a black long sleeved tee under it for this outfit but if you’re bold you could wear with a bright red or other brightly colored shirt and it would look just as fabulous! It’s totally worth the price of $39.50

  This basic black tee is great! The scoop neckline isn’t too low, but if it goes a little low than expected, we advise you to wear an undershirt with it. This tee would be a great investment if you don’t have a basic black tee. The price is amazing to at only $19.50

 Leggings with this dress is a must if you don’t want to freeze in cold weather also this dress is a few inches above the knee, but my sister got a size up so it would be longer but she wears leggings anyway! These great basic leggings are available for $16.50

Womens FioniWhitney Cuff Boot 

These boots are so fabulous! I love everything about them, from the heel to the cute bow! This makes me want to run to Payless Shoe Source right now and buy them! Boots really are important to wear with this out. Fit flats don’t really cut it, especially if you’re trying to stay warm! You can find them at Payless Shoe Source for the price of $39.99

The final outfit price: $115.49
Please remember don’t use my words as an excuse to dress immodesty. Clothes can be modest or immodest based on a person’s body type.

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  1. Cute dress! I like it because its longer than most!! :]