Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Will Go~ A Music Review by Michelle Pell

I Will Go ~ Starfield

Starfield is a group based out of Canada, started in 2000, with multiple awards including Covenant Awards and Vibes (Canada's Dove Award).
I Will Go, the group's third album release, is full of songs with lyrics straight from Scripture.
They do many church songs with a twist to how they sound. When you're standing there singing along to their songs, you can really get into the words and what they mean, instead of just standing there singing.
My favorite songs on the CD are Reign In Us and I Will Go. Both are extremely inspirational and meaningful to me. One song asks God to come and take over my life, and the other is a sacrificial song promising "I Will Go.”
If you don't enjoy most contemporary christian music and are more of a worship girl, this album is perfect for you because of its solid lyrics. But this album is in the genre of Christian rock, so to you rock girls out there, you will be able to sing praises while ROCKING OUT!
Whenever you are feeling down and out, or in need of a pick-me-up this album, with it's scriptural songs and peppy beats, will lift you right up and remind you that God is FOREVERMORE.

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  1. They sound like my kinda band! :) Thanks Michelle!