Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Princess and the Stable Biy~ A Poem by Rachel Allen

'Twas custom for the knight in armor
To save the damsel in distress
Trapped inside a dark stone tower
With not to wear but maiden's dress
Waiting for a dashing prince
A' riding on a valiant steed
Sword in hand and clad in steel
To slay the witch who did the deed.

Or possibly, a duel was held
Of jousting, swordsmanship, or bow
To win the hand and heart of princess
In which two suitors then would show
Skill with weapons against each other
Until the best man won the bride
'Twas not a matter of love divine,
But of which man was stronger and which man died.

Inside the castle a maiden fair,
And a stable boy of charm and honor.
Two hearts trapped in forbidden love
Seeking the approval of her father.

A gentle hint, a quiet question.
A firm refusal, turned away.
Anger, wrath, and hatred all.
Banished both, sent far away.