Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pac Sun~ A Store Review by Renee Arnold

(Sorry for the size of the pictures. LAT is having some technical difficulties. For a better view, please click the links for each article of clothing.)
I found this top, very feminine and cute 

The 215 Slim Slouch Medium Indigo Jeans 
I like the lighter jeans with this top, these also have rips but they're not immodest.
$42.50 click here for a better look.
These bright blue ballet flats will add a splash of color to your outfit! $19.50 Click here to get a better look.                          
Bow Knot Ballet Flat 
Last but not least this sparkly scarf for $14.50 will top off this casual ensemble. Click here to get a better look!
Sparkle Net Scarf
This whole look totals $96.
As for the store in general, they have some modest clothes and some not. As for the modest, their jeans look perfect and their tops are adorable, most of them can be made modest with a cami underneath. As fot the immodest, their tanks and cami's shouldn't be worn alone but mose of them would look fine with another tank underneath. Don't come to pacsun looking for swimwear becasue all I saw were string bikini's. And lastly their dresses where definetly too short, I think a few would pass as longer shirts!
If you do some searching though, you will be able to find some really cute clothes there!

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