Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tron: Legacy~ A Movie Review by Kari Willinger

In the beginning of this film you find out that Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) disappears. Twenty years later his son, Sam Flynn, (Garrett Hedlund) goes in search for his father. After being transported to a digital world were his father has been living for that past twenty years, Sam finds his dads. Alter ego I guess you could call it, he has to survive a string of challenges in order to save his father. With the help of a unique ally quorra (Olivia Wilde) he sets off on his desperate mission. Will he be able to save his father and himself?

This movie contains 4 h words on one d word. Sam is shown taking his shirt off and also being stripped to his underwear and put into a leather suit. This scene does not last long at all.

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