Friday, January 14, 2011

What a Guy Wants~ A Dating Column by Haley Oscar

This month I asked some of my christian guy friends what they look for in a future wife, or what they would like to see in christian girls today. I asked them to be totally honest and speak from their hearts. Some of these men are married, others are not. They all have the highest respect for us women and hope that what they had to say will give you something to think about and pray on.

Steve, 19 said: "The hard thing to ask for, but it is something that we all probably wish for as men, is that women would tell us how they feel rather than making us jump through hoops and read signs that they think are clear as day, whether they are or not actually.

"Modesty is for sure appreciated in dress and how women act. It is better for a guy to earn a woman's heart than for her to just throw herself at him.

"Women are beautiful and don't always need makeup. It's hard hanging out with a girl that thinks she is fat or ugly just because of what people say, especially when they aren't. I think women need to be appreciated more and told these things more than they are, and respected.

"And finally, women need to respect themselves more, which also ties into the modesty factor. Just because you got it doesn't mean you should flaunt it. It's very distracting, and for young Christian men like us, the last thing we need is temptation of impure thoughts and just seeing things we should see in general. Especially coming from young Christian women."


  1. Amen! lol
    I think another thing (though I'm not a guy!) is that girls shouldn't think that every boy they meet needs to fall in love with them/become a boyfriend; why can't we just be friends with guys and just have brother and sister relationships?
    Good post.

  2. Great post! Steve seems like a nice guy. :]]

  3. This is not the whole post..there was a mix up on things..